Main & Side Entrances

Following the details listed below ensure that all tenant entrances are maintained to the highest possible standard at all times

The areas in front and to the sides of all entrances will be maintained free from debris, litter, spills etc.

1200 Ltr bins

Bins washed inside and outside

External Areas, Recycling area

All areas will be maintained free from debris, litter etc...

Gritting of slippery areas to be carried out as necessary

Hard Floors

NOTE: In the context of this schedule, hard floors include terrazzo, linoleum, PVC and thermoplastic, marble, lime stone tile etc. All hard floors are to be maintained in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Swept or mop swept floors to be free of all dust and litter. No build up of dust and soilage at edges, under furniture or in corners to be permitted.

Damp or wet mopped floors to be free of all scuffmarks and soilage adhering to floor.

Buffed or spray cleaned floors to have an even sheen, free of scuffs and to be of good general appearance.

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