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Weather Conditions

  • What are the weather conditions at time of inspection

Car Park

  • Is the car park free from litter?

  • Are the stairways free from litter

  • If wet have wet floor signs been deployed at the centre entrance ?

Public toilets and baby changing facilities

  • Are all public toilets and baby changing facilities clean and tidy?

  • Are the facilities in good condition, no broken toilet seats etc?

  • Are all hand dryers operational

  • Do the facilities smell clean and fresh?

  • Are there sufficient supplies of toilet paper and soap in all facilities?

Mall Areas

  • Have all bins been emptied?

  • Is the mall floor clean and ready for trade?

  • Is the floor free from chewing gum?

  • Is the public lift operational and clean ?

Mall Entrances

  • Is the Main entrance clean?

  • Are the entrances free from cobwebs and litter?

Waste bins

  • Are the waste bins in the correct position?

  • Are all bins clean including behind and underneath?

  • Have all public waste bins been emptied?


  • Free from litter?

  • Grass mowed / weeding acceptable?

  • Car park curbing in good condition?

  • Name of auditor Jessica Chim

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