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    1. Find a colleague with whom to complete this exercise. If you are from a different country/region/district, choose one person who will provide the responses for this exercise. The other person will contribute ideas and feedback.
    2. Answer the following questions.


  • 1. If you were planning a community needs assessment, what are some components of a team strategy that you would develop?

  • 2. Describe the community you will assess including at least 4 community sectors.

  • 3. For each community sector, list at least 5 community components to assess.

  • 4. Select one community component and list at least 3 types of questions to ask to learn about strengths and weaknesses.

  • 5. For one of the community sectors you will assess, list at least 2 sites to visit.

  • 6. For 1 of the sites you will visit, list at least one data collection method you will use.

  • 7. For 1 of the sites you will visit, describe the key informants who your team will contact.


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