Property Type and Status
This property is classified as :
Gardens and Driveway
Photo evidence of Gardens and Driveways

Lawn is mowed

Cars are parked neatly and not on the grass in front of the house

Branches and Palm fronds are not lying around on the ground

No weeds growing in vegetable gardens or around the edges of pathways and fences

Driveways have no potholes or cracks in them that could be a trip hazard

Rubbish Bins

Bins are stored properly - no broken lids or handles, no overflowing rubbish

Steps and pathways EXTERNAL
Photo of all external steps and pathways: ensure they are not mouldy, slippery or rotten

All steps that go into every door are clear and marked with yellow visi-tape

Photo of all steps inside the house - between rooms, upstairs or in bathroom areas

All internal steps are marked with yellow visi-tape

Safety Items
Photos of all safety equipment on site

First Aid Kit Sighted

Smoke Alarm working and checked

Fire Extinguisher On site and in date or green zone

Emergency kit in place

Electrical Box secure and safe

Gas bottles - not leaking and safe

Outdoor Safety
Photos of all outdoor areas - gardens, pools, verandahs etc

Pool Gate is working

Pool is clean and clear ( not cloudy or green and no leaves )

Fences are all in place with no loose boards or holes

No broken chairs or any broken furniture in the yard

No loose stones, bricks, wood planks etc seen in the yard - trip hazards

No broken branches or trees that look potentially dangerous

No old basketball hoops or game items that could fall - ie rusted play items

Rural paddocks have a sign that indicates - Animal and Trip Hazards in this area - Closed shoes must be worn and care taken

Sheds are signed - do not enter hazard- authorised personnel only

General Condition Report
General Condition Photo Evidence

Kitchen is in good, safe state of repair

All bathrooms are in a good, safe state of repair

All toilets are in a good, safe state of repair

Bedrooms are in a safe, clean and good state of repair

Office area is in a good, safe state of repair

Lounge are is in a good, safe state of repair

Kitchen Fridge - Open and check the contents of the fridge and freezer : no open food, tidy and labelled

Kitchen pantry - food covered and safe - no sign of rodents or insect infestation

Vacuum cleaner - checked that it is clean and emptied and the filter is clean ( not grey )

Dryer filter - checked that it is clean and emptied

Other Items Identified
General other evidence of items identified

Any holes in walls

Any walls that need painting

Any extension cords or electrical cords in sight that are a trip hazard

Check that all light bulbs are working in every room

Computer working and Internet check all OK

Buckets and mops stored properly and not in a place that could be a trip hazard

Photo confirmation of keys on site and emergency keys taped in keysafe

Safe - Emergency Key is on site or you have confirmed where this is stored

Spare Key taped to the inside of the key safe

Set of keys on site - either with staff or in the keysafe

Photo confirming spare key is in place :
Condition Report and Outcome
Additional photo evidence

Actions or suggestions that need to be taken for follow up at the next condition report audit

Condition Report for this location ( 0 = poor condition and 10 Excellent condition - no safety hazards identified
Signature of Property Condition Auditor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.