Worker Qualifications

  • All workers wearing ID badges?

  • All workers have received hospital orientation (spot check results)?

  • Construction workers dressed appropriately?

  • Workers have proper training for forklifts?

  • Workers have proper training for fall protection?

  • Workers have proper training for hydraulic equipment (lifts, buckets, etc)?


  • Walls have been constructed to control environment?

  • Temporary petitions are made of materials that will not contribute to a fire?

  • Signs posting restricting access?

  • Doors properly closed and sealed?

  • Walk-off mats before and after door?

  • Lockable doors in place?

Air Handling

  • All windows closed behind barrier

  • Negative pressure at barrier entrance checked and verified if required?

  • Exhaust fan is filtered?

  • Documentation of filtering service if required?

  • AC ducts (supply and return) sealed?

Area Management

  • Debris removed in covered containers daily?

  • Trash in appropriate containers?

  • Routine cleaning performed on job site?

  • Routine cleaning performed in adjacent areas to the job site patient care areas so no evidence is apparent?

  • Lighting is adequate for the work area?

Traffic control

  • There are means to secure the area when unoccupied or when security is required by Safety Officer?

  • Hard Hat signs are posted (if required)?

  • Hearing protection signs are posted if required?

  • Eye protection signs are posted if required?

  • Job site restricted to construction workers and necessary staff only?

  • Patient traffic is separated by time or space from construction traffic flow activity?

  • No patient waiting because of construction traffic flow?

  • Construction workers are traveling to & from work site via designated route?

Electrical Safety

  • All electrical panels have protective covers installed?

  • Warning signs are installed on all live equipment?

  • The hospital's LO/TO procedures have been properly implemented?

Fire Safety

  • Fire extinguishers are in the immediate area of flames, sparks or heat producing tasks?

  • Fire extinguishers are properly distributed and labeled in the project area?

  • Egress maps are posted?

  • Exit signs are in appropriate labeled and illuminated?

  • Exits are free and clear of obstacles?

  • Sprinkler system has been enabled?

  • Fire alarm enabled? Fire department notified? Switchboard notified?

  • Detectors taken out of service are enabled at end of day?

  • If out for more than 8 hours; Insurance company notified?

  • Fire watch is instituted if necessary (suppression or detection out of service more than 4 hours)?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hard hats are in use by all personnel if required?

  • Eye protection is available and used if required?

  • Hearing protection is available and used if required?

  • Trip hazards are minimized?

  • Harness and life lines are worn in appropriate situations?

Equipment/Tool Safety

  • Ladders are safe and being used appropriately?

  • Tools and electrical cords are intact, have not been modified and are functioning correctly?

  • All torches have back flow preventers?

Elevated Surfaces/Fall Protection

  • Tow boards are in place where appropriate?

  • Guardrails are installed in required areas?

  • Warning Line Systems?

Lifts Aerial, Scissor, Swing, Climber

  • Operators have training documented?

  • Operators/partner tied off?

  • Daily checklist present and complete?

Hazardous Materials

  • Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) are on site for all chemicals on-construction site?

  • A complete chemical inventory has been submitted to the Facilities Department prior to being brought on-site?

  • Hazardous materials on-site have been approved prior to being brought on-site?

  • No hazardous (flammable) materials are being stored in the project area?

  • No hazardous material are being used on-site that may produce fumes or smoke prior to being brought on-site?

Utility Interruptions

  • Appropriate permits/permission have been obtained prior to any utility shutdowns?

  • Open ceiling permits have been issued if needed?

  • Penetration permits have been issued if needed?


  • No evidence or signs of smoking are visible

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