• Fire extinguishers inspected not less than monthly for general condition and operability and noted on inspection tag attached to the extinguisher?

  • Is there an adequate amount of Fire Extinguisher for the site/equipment?

  • All fire extinguishers have a minimum of a 3 foot clearance and not blocked?

  • Are fire extinguishers serviceable(pins and nylon ties in place, show charged on
    gauge, no powder leaking from hose.)?

  • Are all Flammable cabinets free of combustible materials (cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.)?

  • Are flammable/combustible liquids returned to approved flammable liquid storage cabinets when not in use?

  • >40lb extinguishers mounted no more than 5 feet above the floor. <40lb extinguishers mounted no more than 3.5 feet above the floor. In all cases they are mounted at least 4 inches above the floor?

  • Fire Extinguisher/Fire Protection Other Item(s)


  • Is material stacked in a safe manner?

  • Are work area floors free of obstructions and /or slippery areas?

  • Do any areas have trash piling up or trash cans which need emptying?

  • Pallets stored 50+ feet away from any building?

  • Housekeeping Other Item(s)


  • Do all platforms, floor or deck openings have 42-inch guardrails with midrail and toe boards?

  • Do all stairs have handrails?

  • Are all floor openings guarded?

  • Open-Sided Work Areas & Floor Openings Other Item(s)

PORTABLE LADDERS(Step Ladders, Rolling Stairs, Dock Steps, Trailer Ladders):

  • Are all ladders free of cracked, damaged or broken rungs, cleats, steps, or siderails?

  • Do all, ladders have non-slip feet and a safety chain to prevent the bottom of the ladder from slipping?

  • Steps or Rungs solid in place and free from dirt, grease, and oil?

  • Hand Rails secure on rolling or fixed stairs?

  • Brakes/wheel locks and/or rollers are in proper working order?

  • Are all employees using ladders properly?

  • Portable Ladders Other Item(s)


  • Are hand tools kept in good condition(not cracked, mushroomed, welded on, etc.)?

  • Are all hand-held power tools' housings in good condition?

  • Do grinders, saws, and other hand tools have the appropriate guards?

  • Hand Tools Other Item(s)


  • Is head, eye, hand, skin and respiratory protection equipment being used according to Company Policy?

  • Are face-shields being used for all grinding, buffing, and blow off(w/compressed air)?

  • Is damaged/malfunctioning equipment tagged “OUT OF SERVICE”?

  • Is required fall protection available, inspected and being used by authorized users?

  • PPE Other Item(s)


  • Are machine guards in place and in good condition?

  • Are all rotating parts guarded, such as shafts, belt drives, chains and sprockets, gears, etc?

  • Is the point of operation guarded on machines such as shears, punches, etc?

  • Are pedals and activation bars guarded on foot-activated machines to prevent accidental operation?

  • Are unused portions of saw blades guarded?

  • Machine Guarding Other Item(s)


  • Is all yard equipment in good, safe mechanical condition?

  • Are defective forklifts taken out of service and tagged “DO NOT USE”?

  • Is the data plate in place on all yard equipment?

  • Are all lifting devices, chains, spreader beams, nylon, cable slings and wire ropes in good condition?

  • Are Pre-Shift Inspections being conducted, documented and filed?

  • Material Handling Equipment Other Item(s)


  • Are all First Aid cabinets properly stocked with approved items?

  • Are Emergency Eye Wash Stations inspected, clean and tagged?

  • AED cabinet secured, unobstructed and green light blinking?

  • Emergency lighting in good working order?

  • Emergency evacuation/Emergency Contact Numbers posted in all required areas?

  • Are spill kits accessible and fully stocked per company policy?

  • First Aid/EAP Other Item(s)


  • All bottles secured and stored properly to prevent falling over?

  • Empty bottles marked with tag or tagged with EMPTY OR MT?

  • Proper signs Posted and Legible?

  • CG Other Item(s)


  • Are extension cords in good condition and provided with a ground?

  • Are covers plates in place on junction boxes to eliminate exposed wiring?

  • Are electrical outlets in good condition and have cover plates?

  • Is all electrical equipment properly grounded with the power cords in good condition?

  • Is voltage and intended use of switches, circuit breakers, and elect. disconnects clearly labeled on each device?

  • Are all holes in disconnects and other electrical panels filled in with knockouts?

  • Is there a minimum of three (3) feet clearance in front of electrical panels/breaker boxes?

  • GFCI’s used within six (6) feet of water source and in good operating condition?

  • Electrical Other Item(s)


  • Are Pre-Shift safety huddles or crew meetings being held?

  • Are weekly safety meetings being conducted and documented?

  • Safety Training Other Item(s)


  • Auditor's Signature

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