Title Page

  • Container Number

  • Conducted on

Pre Loading Inspection

  • Free of odours?

  • Free of taints?

  • Free of dirt or dust?

  • Free of rust?

  • Free of flaking paint?

  • Free of algae growth?

  • Free of moisture?

  • Free of extraneous matter?

  • Free of insects and other pests?

  • Free of protruding fixtures which may damage the products?

  • Is the floor sound?

  • Outside of the container good condition, free of rust?

  • Product quality checked and approved for export?

  • Temperature setting

  • Remarks:

  • Picture

  • Name of QA officer/Leading hands sign off

Temperature monitoring of load

  • Loggers?

Loading pictures

  • Picture 1 Empty container

  • Picture 2 Empty container with internal number visible

  • Picture 3 Internal container number

  • Picture 4 Container half full

  • Picture 5 Container full with both doors open

  • Picture 6 Container full with 1 door with number shut

  • Picture 7 Both doors shut with seal

  • Picture 8 Picture of seal number

  • For concentrates only: Picture 9 Closed drum with photo showing the use by date of product

Sample requirement for load

  • Are samples required on the load sheet?

  • Take picture of samples in the container

Seal information

  • Seal number:

Order information

  • Order number:

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