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Contractor commitment

  • Has the contractor had a ACC/Worksafe audit in the last 12 months?

  • Are you accredited to a safety management system? (self insured). (AS 4801)

  • Do you have an up to date, signed copy of your WH&S Policy?

  • Do you have any managers, supervisors or employees trained in WH&S?

  • Is time set aside for safety activities? (workshop inspections). (safety meetings). (pre start check)

  • Are managers involved in safety activities?

  • Are there mechanisms in place for discussion safety? (safety meetings). (toolbox meetings).

Safe Work Procedures

  • Do you have a process to manage the health & safety of new employees? (induction). (buddy system). (direct supervision)

  • Have plant, equipment and tasks been assessed to identify hazards & risks? (risk assessments) (safe work procedures)

  • Plant & equipment that the apprentice is going to be using has been risk assessed?

  • Have standard operating procedures been developed and on display at all plant & equipment?

  • Do you have a safe work procedure for all high risk work? (JSA) (SWMS). (work permits)

  • Do you have a lock out tag out procedure?

  • Do you have a procedure for all off site work? (JSA). (SWMS). (work permits)

  • Are hazardous substances correctly labeled, have MSDS's and stored correctly?

  • Does electrical equipment plugged into a socket have a record of testing and inspection?

  • Do you have fire fighting equipment in place? (extinguishers). (hoses). (emergency lighting)

  • Do you have an emergency evacuation procedure displayed? (notice boards). (exit signage). (records of drills) (fire wardens)

  • Is there a process for inducting any sub contractors?

  • Are sub contractors H&S plans evaluated and performance reviewed ?

  • Are new workers given a written induction before starting work or using new equipment? (induction & training records)

  • Does the induction program cover Safety information on the risks and hazards in the workplace?

  • Are new workers given information and training to ensure they can perform there work safely? (safe work procedures)

  • Is the use of PPE monitored?

  • Do supervisors check that safe work procedures are being followed?

  • Do you keep records of workers training, including on-job training?

Reporting & Records

  • Is there a process for workers to report WH&S issues and hazards?

  • Do you have first aid facilities and trained first aiders? (up to date). (in good condition)

  • Are incidents reported, investigated and corrective action taken to prevent further incidents?

Workshop walk through.

  • Safety signage inplace?

  • Emergency Lighting?

  • Standard Operating procedures displayed on plant & equipment?

  • Plant & equipment have adequate guarding?

  • Are all access & egress clear of obstructions?

  • Are the worker amenities adequate?

  • Are hazardous substances stored correctly?

  • Is housekeeping to a good standard?

  • Are first aid facilities signed?

  • Are signs in place for the use of PPE?

  • Is there a traffic management plan?

  • Is noise kept to a minimum?

  • Is fire fighting equipment in place?

  • Is electrical test & tag in place?

  • Are there welding screens and ventilation equipment available?

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