Title Page

  • Audit completed by:

  • Type of maintenance job (Sweeping, concrete footpath maintenance, kerb and channel replacement, graffiti removal, etc.)

  • Location or address

Contractor representative

  • Contractor representative name

  • Contractor representative title

  • contractor representative number

SWMS & general site condition

  • The contractor was observed to implement good house keeping practices and area around the job is clear of public safety hazards?

  • Does the contractor have SWMS available onsite?

  • Did the contractor complete a morning toolbox?

  • Are workers onsite using appropriate PPE?

Licenses and Plant/Machinery

  • Do crew members have the appropriate licenses?

  • Did the contractor conduct a pre-start check?

  • Adequate firefighting equipment is available, visible and accessable


  • Does the contractor have fire extinguishers available onsite?

  • Are they up to date?

  • Does the contractor have first aid kit available onsite?

  • Safety Data Sheets, within five years from the date of issue, are available for all the contractors hazardous equipment<br>

  • Does the contractor have adequate traffic management (pedestrian and vehicular) in place onsite?

  • Please attach approved TMP if applicable.

  • Does the contractor have an emergency plan onsite?

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