Construction phase plan and risk assessment communication

  • Prepared by Team Leader

  • Are there any modifications required to the Construction phase plan.

  • Detail the amendment required below and reassess the site

  • Communicate CCP and RA for the marquee erection to the erection team Click to enter Names of those present.

  • Add other staff on site not listed.

Pre-construction checks

  • Check ground conditions - note if ground is soft or hard, soft ground conditions would be if a standard stake driven into the ground with 6" exposed can be moved physically without the aid of tools. If so more stakes than normal or longer stakes than normal and spreader plates under main uprights may be required. Any additional such measures should be noted.

  • Have underground services been checked

  • Is the final structure at a safe distance from overhead hazards?

Set up and Organising the site

  • Have all signs and perimeter marking been erected.

  • Are all the items delivered and are suitable for the construction of the marquee?

  • Are communication procedures for emergency's in place?

  • Record here and communicate any special procedures needed e.g emergency procedures. while working on site.

PPE Check

  • PPE being available and being worn?

Ladder inspection

  • Identify the ladders, step ladders, hop ups being used.

  • Identify defective equipment
  • Identify defective equipment

  • Defect

Frame Marquee inspection

  • Inspection checks carried out frame and stability

  • Inspection check list finished Marquee

  • team leaders name

Traditional Marquee Inspection

  • Is the construction a traditional pole marquee?

  • Inspection checks carried out

  • Team leaders name

Site sundry instalations

  • Confirm all equipment installed to order form?

  • Have all subcontract materials been installed?

  • Other items supplied by subcontract company

  • All items correct? and qty correct?

  • Enter missing items

Sign off installation complete

  • Client has been informed of how to use ancillary equipment

  • Site clean and tidy before handover

  • Marquee clean and tidy

  • Are all items as requested?

  • Customer sign off

  • Notes

  • Marquee team leader sign off

  • Notes

  • Enter date and time

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