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General Home Area

  • Are walls damage free throughout home?

  • Floors damage & stain free?

  • Is the trim around doors and walls damaged free throughout home?

  • Locks on doors and windows functioning?

  • Lights working as designed?

  • HVAC Heating and cooling as designed?

  • HVAC air filter quality

  • Garage door working?

  • Games in game room working as designed?

  • Game accessories present and damage free?

  • High chair available and damage free?

  • Condition of pack & play

  • Additional Notes:


  • Quantity of hand towels (medium)

  • Quantity of face towels (small)

  • Quantity of large bath towels

  • Quality of bath mats (torn,stained,worn)

  • Quality of towels (torn,stained,worn)

  • Cabinets, drawers, walls, etc damage free?

  • Floors damage & stain free?

  • All lights working as designed?

  • All decor present & damage free?

  • Faucets, drainage, and toilet operating properly?

  • Exhaust fan working?

  • Condition of shower curtain & liner?

  • Condition of toilet brush?

  • Condition of toilet plunger?

  • Condition of trash can?

  • Additional Notes:


  • Condition of bed linens (torn,stained,worn)

  • Condition of clothes hangers?

  • Quantity of clothes hangers?

  • Spare linens available?

  • Bedroom walls, furniture, electronics damage free?

  • Floors damage & stain free?

  • Tv & remotes working as designed?

  • All decor present & damage free?

  • All lights working as designed?

  • Additional Notes:


  • Appearance of kitchen appliances (damage or scratches)

  • Appliances in kitchen working as designed? (Stove, oven, dishwasher, freezer, fridge, microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, can opener, etc)

  • Is the garbage disposal clear & in working order?

  • Is kitchen sink faucet and draining in working order?

  • Full set of cutlery, mixing bowels, full set of pots and pans & lids, baking sheet, pyrex glass baking dish, measuring cups, whisk, knife block set, cutting board, oven mittens, 1 gal pitcher + lid, Tupperware set, etc Available?

  • Cabinets & Drawer's damage free?

  • All decor present & damage free?

  • Dish drainer available?

  • Are the floors stain & damage free?

  • Additional Notes:

Laundry Area

  • Washer and dryer working as designed?

  • Iron & IronIng board available and in working order?

  • Quantity of spare towels

  • Quality of spare towels (stained,worn,torn)

  • Are the floors damage & stain free?

  • Additional Notes:

Dining room

  • Is the dining table have a place setting?

  • Furniture damage and stain free?

  • All decor present & damage free?

  • Are the floors damage & stain free?

  • Additional Notes:

Living room

  • Are there any games present? (playing cards, board games, etc)

  • Are they in good shape and playing order?

  • Are all electronics working as designed? (TV, Video game consoles, dvd/cd player, any remotes, etc)

  • Furniture damage free? (couch, chairs, tv stand, etc)

  • All decor present & damage free?

  • Are they floors damage and stain free?

  • Additional Notes:

Exterior (patio/pool area)

  • Screened around patio/pool damage free?

  • Outdoor furniture damage free?

  • Quantity of pool towels

  • Quality of pool towels (stained,torn,worn)

  • Grill & accessories working as designed?

  • Lights working as designed?

  • Additional Notes:

Health & Safety

  • Is the home free of bugs, reptiles, rodents, or other living creatures in home?

  • Smoke alarms tested and working?

  • Fire Extinguisher available & not discharged?

  • Fire Extinguisher inspection date

  • Baby gate available?

  • Additional Notes:

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