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Critical Care (CCU) - UM WalkRound Cross Audit

CRITICAL CARE SERVICES (CCU - 2 standards & 6 sub-standards)

  • CCU.11.1 There are isolation rooms with at least one negative pressure room. Observation

CCU.11.2 The following equipment are available: (Observation)

  • CCU.11.2.1 Ventilators

  • CCU.11.2.2 Suction apparatus

  • CCU.11.2.3 Airway sets

  • CCU.11.2.4 Crash cart that includes defibrillator, all emergency supplies and medications as appropriate to the age of the patients

  • CCU.11.2.5 ECG monitor, pulse oximetry, and vital signs monitor

  • CCU.11.2.6 Automated blood pressure monitoring machine

  • CCU.11.2.7 Intravenous infusion and blood transfusion pumps

  • CCU.11.2.8 At least one invasive monitor

  • CCU.11.3 The availability and functionality of all tools and equipment are checked daily. (Observation)

  • CCU.11.4 Equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily and as needed. (Observation)

  • CCU.11.5 Portable equipment for safe patient transports are available. (Observation)

  • CCU.11.6 Laboratory and imaging services are available to meet the needs of patients in coronary care unit. (Observation)

  • CCU.14 Infection control standards are strictly implemented and supervised in the coronary care unit. (Observation)


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