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  • Critical Risk Inspection - Stored Energy

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Critical Risk Inspection - Stored Energy

  • The hazard inspection must be conducted by a Supervisor and/or Safety and Health Representative and/or an employee, as follows:
    1. For EVERY inspection requirement, indicate the item as Compliant (C), Non-Compliant (NC) or Not Applicable (N/A)
    2. For every non-compliance identified, provide the location and a description in the comments section. Note: Include positive comments on section. Note: Include positive comments on compliance, not just negatives
    3. Enter defects or non-compliances in the applicable site registers, i.e. electrical equipment defects must be entered into the Electrical Register
    4. At inspection completion, discuss the non-conformances with the Area Superintendent and determine an action, completion date and responsible person - enter this in the agreed actions section of this form
    5. Forward the completed inspection to the Safety Department
    6. The Safety Department is to check that ALL identified non-conformances for that month have been corrected and or entered into INX.

Stored Energy

  • Write area location, equipment and workgroup where inspection was conducted

  • Has an isolation and tagging procedure been developed and is it sufficient in instructing employees on securing an energy source and applying tags/locks?

  • Are "Personal Danger" locks, tags and "Out of Service" tags in use? <br><br><br>

  • Are "Danger" locks, tags and "Out of Service" tags filled out correctly?

  • Are spare “Danger” tags and “Out of Service” tags readily available?

  • During a group isolation are “Group Isolation” lock, tags and “Group Isolation” master locks is use?

  • Are “Confirmation” locks and tags being used?

  • Are “Confirmation” locks all keyed alike (Refer to Safety or Training department for confirmation)?

  • Are “Information” tags used appropriately and not used in place of an “Out of Service”, “Personal Danger” or “Group Isolation” tag?

  • Are spare “Group Isolation”, “Confirmation” and “Information” tags readily available?

  • Are “Equipment Under Test” tags used when testing live machinery and are tags readily available?

  • Are vehicles fitted with isolator switches?

  • Is a competency based Isolation training system in place?

  • Are keys removed from the isolation locks whilst personnel are working on the equipment?

  • Are employee engagements carried out on isolations?

  • Are permits being used for “group isolations”?

  • Are “Group Isolation Permits” completed correctly (i.e. Is the scope of work clearly identified, have the applicable signature been obtained, etc.)?

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