Asset Information

  • DOT #

  • Milepost

  • Photo of Case from Crossing

Asset Details

  • Type of Case

  • Type of Equipment

  • Type of Detection

  • Special Equipment

  • Photo of Inside of Case

Stand-By Power

  • Battery Location (Bank 1)

  • Type of Rectifier (Bank 1)

  • Type of Batteries (Bank 1)

  • Number of Batteries (Bank 1)

  • Battery Location (Bank 2)

  • Type of Rectifier (Bank 2)

  • Type of Batteries (Bank 2)

  • Number of Batteries (Bank 2)


  • West Approach Length (in feet)

  • West approach shunt type and frequency (if applicable)

  • East Approach Length (in feet)

  • East approach shunt type and frequency (if applicable)

  • Primary Battery Locations (if Applicable)


  • Crossing Protection

  • Type of Lamps in Flashers

  • Number of Light Pairs

  • Cantilever


  • Photo of Power Meter

  • Power Meter Location

Crossing Information

  • Crossing Surface

  • Number of tracks through crossing

  • Lanes of Traffic (including Turn Lane)

  • Photo of Crossing Surface

  • Photo Looking North from Crossing

  • Photo Looking East from Crossing

  • Photo Looking South from Crossing

  • Photo Looking West from Crossing

  • Posted Speed Limit

  • Is there Additional Lighting at Crossing

  • What Signs are Posted at and/or around the Crossing?

  • RR Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Is the DOT # Posted on the Case

  • RR Advanced Warning Signs

  • Pavement Markings

  • Yield Sign

  • Stop Sign

  • Traffic Signals

  • Pre-emption on Traffic Signals?


  • Has the Case been Weatherized?

  • Is the Case Clean?

  • Does the case need painted?

  • Does the case need new Battery Mats?

  • Is there Bug/Mice Poison in the Case?

  • Do the hoods/roundels need painted?

  • Does the Battery Tub need Painted or Sealed?

  • Does the Battery Tub Need New Battery Mats?

  • Are there temporary wires to bury at this location?

  • List any additional repairs needed at this location

  • Have the shunt locations and insulated Joints been marked with paint?

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