Section 1. The Facility

  • Is authorised access required to enter the facility.

  • Is the door self closing. Does door closer mechanism work correctly.

  • Door not held open at time of inspection.

  • Are there emergency contact details posted on the entrance door.

  • Is there hazard signage in place on the entrance door.

  • Are the filters for the natural ventilation grille changed regularly.

  • Is the mechanical ventilation tested on a regular basis and is it linked to the BMS.

  • Is the facility clean and tidy.

  • Has the floor been swept.

Section 2. Oxygen Monitoring System

  • Is there an Oxygen display before entering the facility. Was the readout within acceptable limits.

  • Were there any audible alarms sounding.

  • Does the internal display correspond with the external display.

  • Is the system calibrated
    When was it last calibrated.

  • Is the oxygen monitoring system linked to the BMS.

  • Is a method available to shut off nitrogen delivery to the facility.
    Is the system checked regularly.

Section 3. PPE

  • Are face shields, gloves, ear muffs and apron available in the facility.

  • Were staff wearing correct PPE at time of inspection.

Section 4. Equipment

  • Is the internal nitrogen pipeline regularly inspected.

  • Is the nitrogen level of the tanks checked manually and records kept.

  • Is the liquid level displayed on the controller compatible with the manual readout

  • Are steps available on tanks.

  • Is there a preventative maintenance contract on the tanks.

  • If there is no maintenance contract how are they maintained and checked to be in good working order.
    Is documentation available.

  • Are the small nitrogen dewars in good condition.

  • Is the cryocart maintained to be in good working order.

Section 5. Training and Records

  • Is there staff training for safe handling of liquid Nitrogen.
    Are records available.

  • Are there standard operating procedures documented for:
    -Collection of liquid nitrogen
    - transport of liquid nitrogen from the facility
    -Depositing or retrieving samples.
    -disposal of liquid nitrogen

  • For dewars used outside the facility has their filling and use been risk assessed.

  • Are risk assessments available on line.

Section 6. Sign off

  • Laboratory Operations Officer

  • Cryogenic Representative

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