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  • Document No. GMP002

  • Daily GMP Audit : Low RTE Kitchen

  • Picasso Foods

  • Conducted on

  • Simar Dhanoa


  • Changing Room as per 5S Visual Standards and appears to be clean?

  • Boots clean and tidy placed on boot racks?

  • Shoes placed on designated racks?

  • PPE available?

Staff Hygiene

  • Staff wearing required PPE?

  • Staff members adhering by Picasso Food's Dress Up and Dress Down procedure?

  • Staff competent in performing Hand Hygiene Procedures?

  • Staff adhering by 'No Jewellery', 'No Nailpolish', ' No mobile' policy?

Production Area hygiene and cleanliness

  • Floors clean and free from foreign objects?

  • Walls and Ceilings clean?

  • Area free from cobwebs , insects or pests?

  • Drain grids clean?

  • Waste is removed from area effectively?

Storage Area

  • Cool Room Temperatures within spec?

  • Allergens stored in designated area as per map?

  • Stock rotation is maintained and all products are within their expiry date?


  • Scales and Thermometer are calibrated and working appropriately?

  • Equipments, Benches, Ovens, Trolleys, Dough Presses, Utensils are clean and damage free?

  • Transfer points are clean?

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