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Movement around the building

  • Are paths, steps and any ramps to and from the building properly maintained to minimise slip and trip risks?

  • Is lighting suitable and sufficient to allow safe access and exit (including lighting of emergency exits)?<br>

  • Are floor areas clean, dry and free from slip/trip hazards? <br>

  • If just cleaned is the correct yellow wet floor sign present?<br>

  • Are walkways kept clear?<br>

  • Are stairs and handrails in good condition?<br>

  • Are all lighting fixtures in work areas and walkways inside <br>and outside working? (No if any bulbs/lamps have blown<br>Are all lighting fixtures in work areas and walkways inside and outside working? (No if any bulbs/lamps have blown or not working)<br><br><br><br>

General Housekeeping

  • Is the electrical cupboard locked? (In main lounge area ground floor) Is the shower boiler cupboard locked? <br><br>

  • Is the cleaning cupboard locked?<br>


  • Any trailing leads across walkways securely covered or taped?<br><br>

  • Are the offices free from build up of cardboard or paper?<br>

  • Are Fire exits clear of obstructions?<br>

  • Are all fire doors shut but not locked?<br>

  • Are fire extinguishers & blankets easily assessable?<br>

Welfare Matters

  • Are toilets clean? (no long-term stain build-up or unacceptable mess)<br><br>

  • Is the kitchen & snack bar clean?<br>

  • Is drinking water available?<br>

Opportunity for Improvement

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