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Action Plan


  • Fully issued daily

  • Top 150 Ethical Availability - 100% daily

  • Owings - Process

  • EPS Nomination and sign up process in place, Verbal consent form, stamps to be used, 10 per week

  • Bags off-shelf 4 Wk actual 2 Wk target, Inc. Fridge

  • Switching and levies lost, SRP process in place.

  • Ethical PI counts completed to timescale, Negative stocks daily.

  • PAS minimum 50%

  • EOM Back Office 12pm 1st, Pharmoutcomes last day of month.

  • P2P data collation on track


  • All Planograms implemented.

  • All promotions fully implemented - P7 checklist

  • Availability - Total 98% and Top 150 100%

  • PI counts completed

  • GK processes completed daily

  • Planogram OOS report actioned


  • MURs/NMS - Process in place, stamp and stickers

  • Colleague knowledge and engagement with LCS

  • Private service engagement: MASTA, VITALITY, SONETIK

  • Contract changes: NUMSAS, DMIRS, GPDMIRS


  • My knowledge 100% by 15th of each month

  • All colleague training on track

  • ACD reviews in place

  • Rotas: 6 weeks in place with protected learning time

  • Colleague induction & probationary reviews completed


  • Near Miss, logs complete daily and reviewed

  • CD management review

  • Date checking up to date and poster completed?

  • H&S checks completed daily and poster updated

  • 5 PSA key questions review

  • New SOPs Implementation

  • Stickers check

PQS Review

  • HLP up to date, include leaders & Champions

  • Asthma tracker and stickers in use

  • CPPE updates completed: Pharmacists & Colleagues

  • NHS mail access

  • SCR access


  • Inspire Wheel - update current results and briefed

  • Weekly newsletter and visit reports.

  • Email review

  • Operation Diary in use

  • Communications check. CM/RM cold call

First Impressions: PASS / FAIL

  • External

  • Shop Floor

  • Consultation room

  • Dispensary

  • Colleague Areas

  • Yard

  • Colleague

  • Customer Queue

  • Windows

RSC Focus

  • Coral

  • P2P

  • Induction process

  • Switching/ Retros

  • Endorsing

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