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  • This section is for the PGM to make any notes prior to store visit. It may be items to discuss, or to do list or any other memory jog for the store visit.

  • Notes

Previous Visit

  • Previous visit follow up point

  • a follow up point

Agenda Points

  • Agenda points discussed

  • agenda point



  • Do the MTD figures balance for last month and this month?<br>Record figure and comment as required. (Check float and change if required.)<br>Look at End of Day sales report for last month.<br>Check banking sheet. <br>Do the sales match? Do the tills balance?

  • Are all POS discounts appropriate?<br>Check the End of Day history report.

  • Does the Cash Out spreadsheet balance to the End of Day sales report? Are all receipts present?<br>

  • Are all staff sales receipts present and do they contain 2 signatures? <br>

  • Are all refund receipts present (including originals) and do they contain 2 signatures? How many for last month?<br>

  • Are due accounts being communicated to customers? What is the total account debt? And what is the amount for 90 days outstanding? <br>

  • Additional comments for Financials?

  • Comments

P&L Performance

P&L performance - month

  • Month last P&L report was received

  • Is the sales performance on target?

  • Is GP% performance on target?

  • Is wage to sales % on target?

  • Is net profit on target?

  • Are expenses on target?

  • Is the store keeping to budget with purchase tracker? <br>Check last month and current month.

  • Additional comments for P&L?

  • Comments

SMS Reporting

SMS Reporting

  • Sales

  • BOS

  • MOS

  • FOS

  • GP%

  • BOS

  • MOS

  • FOS

  • Stock turns/holdings by department - focus areas

  • BOS

  • MOS

  • FOS

  • Additional comments for SMS?

  • Comments

Stock Contol

Stock Control

  • Run unusual stock report for the store

  • Is unusual stock on hand less than 20?

  • Is real cost vs retail under control? How many? <br>

  • Is merge duplicates task being completed?

  • Review items with no sales history & slow sellers.

  • Are invoices being entered daily - none outstanding past 2 days?

  • Is the store receiving correct discounts? <br>Check Sigma and API invoices.

  • Are outstanding stock credits being followed up and cleared? <br>Check store credit log book.

  • Is rolling stock take being completed as per schedule? <br>Check schedule sign-off sheet and Lots stock adjustment report.

  • Is SOH count correct?<br>Spot check a mix of ethicals and front of shop lines.

  • Are there any out of date stock on the shelves? <br>Pick a category and spot check.

  • Additional comments for stock control?

  • Comments



  • DD book last balanced

  • Is scripts waiting report current? How many?

  • Are owing scripts no older than 60 days?

  • Is scan rate percentage above 93%

  • Are all rejected scripts being reclaimed? How many?

  • Is PAGM compliance over 90%? Discuss strategies.

  • Is substitution rate over 80%. Focus items for next month.

  • PPI program's being completed and followed up.

  • Number of Clinical Interventions?

  • Number of MedChecks?

  • Additional comments for dispensary?

  • Comments

Selling Floor

Selling Floor

  • Check that planograms are in place and core range implemented.<br>Take photo of focus area.

  • Is there a on-location tie up for all promotional items? Including ticketing.

  • Are all other shelf lines ticketed? All labels justified?

  • Are items effectively merchandised? This includes having no gaps and having no under or over stock.

  • Review 3 focus departments and their core ranging. Use dead stock report, spare to sales information, turnover figures, GP to last year and planograms.

  • Additional comment for shop floor?

  • Comments

Checklist / QCPP

Checklist / QCPP

  • Are daily checklist being completed and filed? This included managers checklist.

  • Are daily fridge temperatures being recorded daily?

  • Is competition pricing being checked and our prices reviewed? What is competition doing in the area? Any customer comments?

  • Check OH&S QCPP checklist has been completed

  • Check OH&S folder and Incident register. Any incidents? Any action to be taken?

  • Check store cleanliness.

  • Are windows clean and polished?

  • Is shelving and stock clean and free of dust.

  • Is the shop floor clean and being vacuumed on a regular basis?

  • Are all signage lighting working and clean?

  • Are all posters and POS promotions current and in good order?

  • Are all team members wearing name badges and clean uniform?

  • Are LAM and promotional activities planned for next 2 months?

  • Are staff engaging in companion selling?

  • Is IT in good order.

  • Is data being backed up daily?

  • Additional comments for general?

  • Comments

Additional Information

Additional information

  • Quarter 1

  • January

  • Clearance for Christmas stock in place?

  • Compile a Christmas report.

  • Review holiday trading hours and staffing.

  • Discuss Easter prep with store staff.

  • Check catalogue orders, ticketing and tie up.

  • February

  • Follow up on Easter planning

  • Start to plan for change of season (moving from summer to winter). Sell down summer range and reduce displays. Plan for winter lines and displays.

  • Review seasonal change of roster.

  • QCPP training - plan a team meeting. Each team member to complete 3hr of training per year (on line or in team meeting conducted by pharmacist). Team meeting used to train S2/S3 selling and products to recommend.

  • Check for QCPP updates - ensure these have been auctioned and filed in relevant section of the QCPP folder.

  • March

  • Follow up on Easter planning (clearance)

  • Follow up on change of season planning.

  • Review seasonal change roster.

  • Follow up RPMA forms, signed and returned to Medicare.

  • CIs and DAA claim form is due to Medicate by the 14 April.

  • Mothers day planning.

  • Start preparation for EOFY. Full stocktake in next 3 months.

  • Quarter 2

  • April

  • Follow up on Easter clearance.

  • Follow up on CI and DAA claims forms that are due on 14 April to Medicare.

  • May

  • Seasonal change to be completed.

  • Follow up RPMA forms, signed and returned to Medicare. Due by 14 May.

  • Follow up on CI and DAA claims forms that are due on 14 June to Medicare.

  • Mothers day clearance.

  • Preparation for EOFY.

  • Check Fluvax orders and stock.

  • June

  • End of month and EOFY reports. Check with bookkeeper.

  • Follow up on CI and DAA claims forms that are due on 14 June to Medicare.

  • Quarter 3

  • July

  • HR and Fair work checks. Review staff files.

  • Review promotional ordering, tickets and planning.

  • August

  • September

  • Quarter 4

  • November

  • December

  • October

  • Any additional information, strategies, to do or focuses for the store.

  • Use media if needed.

  • TO DO: below include WHO, WHAT and WHEN

  • Task
  • Use below checkbox when re-visiting notes.

  • Has the task been completed?

  • When was this done? (optional info)

  • PGM

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