Make a great first impression

Know how to engage customer when greeting them

Greet your customers promptly

Ask if they’ve visited ILS before.

Ask the right questions

Knows to ask open ended questions

Customer scenario training (CM + trainee 1:1) - Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

Who …

What …

Where …

When …

Why …

How …

Educate with product knowledge

Features and benefits of product type (e.g. Single Motor vs. Twin Motor)

Know the common materials for products (e.g. Aluminium vs. Steel, Vinyl vs. Leather) and the pros and cons of these

Add on relevant products

Upselling and adding on; knowing your products so you know what can go together (e.g. a lift chair and guardsman purchase)

Clarify concerns

Identify customer's concerns

Show gratitude; they have given you an opportunity to address a concern and move forward


Ask, probe and confirm

Show (and know!) the value in your product

Ask for the sale

Ask for the sale (e.g. "Would you like to go ahead with that?)

Confirm your customer

Connect with the customer

Connect the customer to the product

Connect the product to additional value

CONFIRMATION: I have understood and demonstrated all of the items listed above. I accept that by signing below that I am confirming my competency in all items above.

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