Able to professionally answer the phone

Knows how to place a customer on hold

Knows how to transfer a call on the Avaya phones

Knows how to take a message


Understands how to set up an email signature

Has the most recent email signature set up on their Outlook

Able to set an "Out of Office" message

ILS terms

Understands what an Advice Note is

Understands what a Hire Contract is

Understands what an Exchange is

Understands what an Off-Hire is

Understands the difference between Cash and Account customers

Stock and inventory

Understands the difference between a BULK stock item, and a SERIALISED stock item

Understands that a Depot has no bearing on commission, but is where stock is physically held

Understands that raising sales and hires out of the right depot is paramount to maintaining stock integrity

Payment options

Understands which payment options are available to ILS customers for both sales and hire

Understands how to use PayWay to take payments for hires and sales

Understands that for Credit Card or Eftpos payments, there must be a AUTH number or PayWay receipt number in the notes of any applied payment in Syrinx and that this is compulsory


Understand that a customer must have a proof of purchase if they want to have anything refunded

Understands that all refunds must be approved by Adam

Understands the procedure for refunds, what information is required and that this information must be sent to

Banking process for stores

Understands how to set check which Till they are set to at the start of every shift

Understands how to generate the "Daily cash report" in Syrinx, and that this must be sent to Adam and Bipul at the end of every business day

Understands how to generate the "Reconciliation report" in Syrinx, and that this must be sent to Alan D'Souza on banking days (Tuesday and Friday)

Understands that there is a $200.00 float in every store, and the use of the float

Sale and hires in Syrinx

Able to search for existing customers

Able to create a new CASH customer in Syrinx with all key information

Able to search for sale and hire items in Syrinx, and determine stock availability

Able to populate a sale and hire with stock items

Able to apply a payment to a sale and hire record

Able to apply the correct delivery charge under the "Delivery" tab

Able to enter a salesperson to a sales and hire record

Understands importance of filing all correspondence in Syrinx documents for every transaction

Understands importance of getting site access details for every sale and hire

Understands how to raise and confirm a hire exchange

Understands how to raise and confirm an off-hire

Understands rebate matrix for hires

Understands how to sell hire items, off hire the ongoing hire and raise a contract charge advice note for the sale

Unpaid Cash Invoices

Is able to search for unpaid cash invoices when off-hiring a hire

Understands the process of applying payment to each unpaid invoice, and marking this paid.

Sales confirmations

Understand that the "Note Date" on an Advice Note must match the date the items were provided to the client (via delivery or collection from showroom) or dispatched from the warehouse as this affects their warranty period

For cash customers, understand that no items are to be delivered or collected by a customer prior to payment being made in full

For account customers, understand that no items are to be delivered or collected by a customer prior to correct written approval being received in writing from the funding body and being filed against the syrinx advice note (in the documents)

Understand importance of entering information into the "Log" of any hire or sales

Understand how to split an advice note, and raise a new advice note for items to follow

Stock transfers - For managers and 2IC's in showrooms

Able to check stock availability across all depots

Understand the process for sale and hire stock transfers, including cut-off times

Knows which depot hire stock transfers come from, and who to send these to

Knows which depot sale stock transfers come from, and who to send these to

Able to raise a stock transfer in Syrinx, and check these against physical stock received

Understands the use of a "Stock Exception Form" and who to send these to


Understands that all the same relevant information needs to be included in Syrinx generated quotes, e.g. you cannot raise a quote for "Cash sale" or under an account customer with no client details

Understand that quotes should be followed up within a week of generating these in Syrinx, and deleted within 3 months if they do not convert to a sale

Understand that if you are waiting on payment or written approval for a sale, this is classified as a quote


Understands who the OT / Account Manager for their area is

Understands that once the trial is referred to the OT / Account Manager, the sale or hire will count as a combined sale / hire (e.g. Campbelltown, Michael Portelli)

Understand that stores are not allowed to organise trials for where equipment is taken by customers to be trialled in the community; this must go through the OT / Account Managers for the area

CONFIRMATION: I have understood and demonstrated all of the items listed above. I accept that by signing below that I am confirming my competency in all items above.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.