Gear Motor Fluid Level

Chain Tension

Sprockets Condition

Chesterton Seal Condition

Oil Drive Chain

Hydraulic System

Roller :Drum is Central Inside the vessel

Grease Roller Bearing

Vessel and door Assembly: Door O Ring Condition - Check for spare completed seals

Hydraulic Pump Fluid Level

Lock Rings Lugs Condition

Door Face and Lug Condition

Condition of Door wedges , brass and nylon

Air Regulator and Oil/Water Separator

Any Leaking Cylinders around the equipment

Actuators are working and free from leaks

Empty drum daily on compressor

Cooling Water System Condition/Compressors: Any leaks from cooling Tower, Pumps and pipework

Any leaks from cooling Fans

Are all fans working on Cooling Fan Assembly

Any Faultson the compressors, run standby to check functionality

Vapour Discharge/Condensing System : Condensate sight glasses are intact and not leaking

Vessel drain Bucket trap is free from dirt and not leaking

Boiler and Associated equipment

Boiler and Associated Equipment : All valves are working Correctly on the boiler and associated equipment

Check Water quality in boiler

Check correct operation of boiler feed water pump

Low water cut off tested

Blowdown Boiler and sight glass and Accunulator sight Glass

Check Burner Operation

Check the hot well for any leaks and water softness/testing

Vent Tank

Vent Tank : DrainWeekly and sample water for solids

Conveyors: Check Belts for proper tracking and alignment

Check that all bearings are greased and running free

Check oil and lubricant on drive chains

Shredder: look For Oil leaks, check under reservoir, clutch hub and gearbox

Start Shredder and listen to how quickly the rotor comes up to speed

Check for abnormal noises during operation

Observe Ram operation and ensure that it operates smoothly

Are all oil levels and hydraulic levels good

Check Buttons on bin Tipper are working correctly

Check that the carriage on the bin Tipper returns to floor fully

Check Hydraulic Cylinders for leakage both lift and floor hydraulics

Grease both trunnions mounts on lift tip cylinder and runners

Check for oil leak on power pack hoses

Check Roller securing Screws for tightness and security

Check Oil levels and oil chains

Check Oil levels on bin wash

Check jets are clear and robot arms are working on bin wash

Does the compactor run smoothly

Are all Hydraulic levels good on compactor

Any signs of hydraulic leaks under the machine from the telescopic ram

Check electrical cabling for wear or damage and electrical connections on compactor

Are both compactor locking mechanisms functional and working

Any ruts in the concrete that the container runs on

On Air extraction unit inc motor, switches and duct work check for damage

Check for condition of the air extraction filters

Check for negative air pressure

Are all emergency stop buttons operational on all machines

Check all electrical cabling around the plant for signs of wear

Are all doors , roller shutters doors operational

Any compressed air leaks around the plant

Are the drains working and not backing up

Is there any damage to the building that needs repairing

Check perimeter fencing and gates are functional and secure

Check for water leaks from roof

Are there any build up of dust , debris on machines and surfaces

Is the plant clean, tidy and organised

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.