Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Team Leader on shift

  • Shift

  • Location

Changing Area

  • Coats Cleared and all wellies hanging up

  • Boot wash rinsed and area clean


  • All packs reworked

  • All knives accounted for

  • Turning area clear


  • pH table clean and tidy

  • Hose pipes coiled

  • No equipment on floors or steps

  • MCC Room door locked

Cream tank area

  • Hose pipe coiled

  • Blank ends on pipework

  • Soak tank liquid clean and fresh fully covering equipment

Whey Past /RO

  • Office clean and tidy

  • Door closed between RO and Whey past

  • RO area clean and tidy

Chemical store

  • Door Locked

Bulk CIP

  • Doors Locked

  • Foot Bath full and clean

Mix Room

  • Empty Bags removed

  • Doors closed and locked


  • All Vat hatches closed

  • Soak bucket liquid fresh and covering utensils

  • Vat CIP area clean

  • PAA chemical in place and empty drums removed

Milk Pasteuriser room

  • Room Clean

  • Doors Closing

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