Standard 5 - Audit Report

Criterion 1 - Identification of individual patients

5.1.1 - Use of an organization-wide patient identification system is regularly monitored

5.1.2 Action is taken to improve compliance with the patient identification matching system

5.2.1 - The system for reporting, investigating and analysis of patient care mismatching events is regularly monitored

5.2.2 - Action is taken to reduce patient care mismatching events

5.3.1 - Inpatient bands are used that meet the national specifications for patient ID bands (not applicable for Dental Services)

Criterion 2 - Processes to transfer care

5.4.1. - Developing, implementing and regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the patient ID and matching system at patient handover, transfer and discharge

Criterion 3 - Processes to match patients and their care

5.5.1 - A documented process to match patients with their intended treatment is in use

5.5.2. - The process to match patients to any intended procedure, treatment or investigation is regularly monitored

5.5.3 - Action is taken to improve the effectiveness of the process for matching to their intended procedure, treatment or investigation

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