General work place

  • Are floors in good condition, free from slip trip hazards

  • Are walkways clean and free from slip trip hazards

  • Are leaks on the floor cleaned up immediately

  • Are all loading areas clear and in good condition

  • Are debris and trash properly disposed of

  • Are workplace transport procedures being observed/Signs are visible

  • Are waste receptacles overflowing to the extent that slip risks are present

Fire & Emergency Provisions

  • Are fire exits clearly marked and visible

  • Are fire exits clear of obstructions

  • Are fire extinguishers kept free from obstruction, in their correct storage location

  • Are fire extinguisher inspections up to date


  • Is hi vis worn by employees and visitors in the warehouse

  • Are eye protection, gloves and aprons provided in charging areas

  • Is safety footwear being worn

  • Are safety gloves being worn when needed

  • Are hard hats worn where required

Forklift Operations

  • Are forklifts operated at a safe speed

  • Is seatbelt worn by forklift operator

  • Does operator sound horn when approaching intersections, corners and backing up

  • Are loads carried under 6 inches

  • Are forks under 6 inches when not carrying a load

  • Are forks fork lowered and resting on the ground when parked

  • Are pre-shift inspections complete

Crane Operations

  • Are crane controls in good working order/labels and buttons are legible

  • Are cranes operated in a safe manner. I.e. Carry load close to ground, not carrying load over people

  • Are crane horns used to warn others in the area

  • Are crane horns loud enough to be heard over surrounding machines

  • Are pre-shift inspections completed

  • Do emergency stop buttons work properly

  • If slings are used, are they free from damage

Hazardous substances

  • Are substances stored and secured to prevent unauthorised use

  • Are containers clearly labeled and meet SDS requirements

Racking & general storage

  • Storage racks secure & undamaged

  • Racks labeled with weight capacity

  • Loading signs in place and being observed

  • Pallets stable and secure

  • Empty pallets stacked securely and stable

  • Damaged racking isolated and warning signs in place

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