Items to be checked

  • Site sign in place with address displayed

  • Emergency Nos. & Hospital details displayed

  • OHS Co-ordination Plan Displayed

  • First aid provided for

  • RCD tested and recorded in meter box

  • Warning test/tag sticker displayed in meter box

  • Electrical equipment tested & tagged and in safe condition

  • Portable outlet devices to AS 3105

  • Housekeeping is adequate with clear access provided

  • Waste cage / bin in place and maintained

  • Environmental controls in place

  • No sediment, letter or run off leaving site

  • Toilet available, clean & with water

  • Correct manual handling observed

  • Roof edge protection in place (where required)

  • Penetrations and openings protected

  • Scaffolding is in safe condition with safe access provided

  • Ladders being used on site are industrial rated (120kg) and in safe condition

  • Trenching shored and barricaded (where applicable)

  • Material Safety Data Sheets available for chemicals / hazardous substances

  • PPE in use where requires, eg footwear, eye & ear protection, respiratory and UV protection

  • Temporary propping adequate and structural stability of frame adequate

  • Protruding pipes and star pickets are safely capped or protected

Plant and Equipment

  • Operators properly certified and qualified

  • Reverse beepers and strobe light operational

  • Maintenance records available

  • Guards in place on all plant and equipment

Other items for consideration

  • No public safety hazards are evident

  • Temporary fencing safe with gates and panels closed when site is not active

  • Trestles are in safe condition with legs not sitting on bricks

To be checked on double storey homes

  • Stair void platform is compliant and installed prior to any frame works continuing on the first floor level

  • First floor edge protection in place prior to flooring being installed

  • Two plank system is in place with safe access provided

Contractor compliance

  • Have contractors and their workers received DFC Induction

  • Are all contractors carrying their CI cards

  • Can contractors produce their SWMS and are all workers signed into it

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