• Audit Title: Enter "LV Number" then "Pre-start check"

  • Document No. Do not alter

Light Vehicle Prestart

  • A pre-start check MUST be completed on Monday or the first time YOU drive a vehicle each week.

Vehicle information

  • Operator's Name:

  • Check Date:

  • LV number

  • Current Kilometres

  • Service Due Kilometres

Checklist completion notes

  • Items considered to be in good condition are to be identified by "OK"

  • Items considered to be requiring attention are to be identified by "Fault" and issue described

  • Any defects identified that are not listed below that affect the safe operation of the vehicle, machine or trailer must be reported to your Team Leader immediately. Any defects not rectified during a shift must be recorded on this check list.


  • Email copy to Supervisor each Monday or the first time you operate the vehicle

Category A: (Items requiring attention will be documented and repaired ASAP )

  • Seats:

  • Mirrors:

  • Window wiper:

  • Windscreen:

  • Lights all:

  • Horn:

  • Speedo:

  • Air conditioner:

  • Cabin internal / external:

  • Flashing light:

  • Exhaust system:

  • Towing hitch:

  • Registration receipt in glove box:

Category B: (Items require immediate attention and if considered unsafe must be repaired before use)

  • Steering:

  • Seat Belts:

  • Brakes Service:

  • Brakes parking:

  • Steering oil leaks:

  • Transmission oil leaks

  • Drive line:

  • Tyres/Wheels:

  • Engine oil level:

  • Coolant level:

  • Comments


  • Inspected by:

  • Supervisor:

  • Document details: CHK-VEH-DICOM ; ADMS-111-2070 ; Effective Date: 21/1/2014

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