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  • Audit No.

  • Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Doc. Title

  • Audit Type

  • Topic

  • Scheduled

  • Completed Date

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Office - Instruments and Assets

  • SWDB Instruments, Calibrations and Asset Condition Report.

  • In the SWDB, what are the CAMPIS numbers for each instrument at this site?

  • CAMPIS No.

  • Instrument

  • Date of last calibration in SWDB

  • Is the instrument on site?. Note: Only if safe to do so, obtain CAMPIS numbers of equipment in the water.

  • When was the last recorded visit to the site?

  • Is there an Asset Condition Report for the site?

  • When was the Asset Condition Report completed?

Office - Data Processing

  • Data Prossessing.
    Timeliness and effectiveness needs to be verified
    Check data collected during the last scheduled visit prior to the audit.
    The following checks are required to see if the data has been or is being processed within 60 days of the last site visit.

  • Date logger files imported to SWDB?

  • Has (or is) the time series data been (or being) processed within 60 days of the last site visit?

  • Date of last site visit

  • If still being processed, enter date processing began.

  • Date processing completed

  • Date processing validated

  • Is the latest data available on the DNRM water portal?

  • Date last survey results were entered into SWDB.

  • Cross section?

  • Was the cross section surveyed in the last 10 years?

  • Gauge boards?

  • Are there 3 gauge boards?

  • Stream-flow measurements saved to SWDB?

  • Date stream-flow measurements saved

  • Rating table and rating periods updated and checked?

  • Date rating tables and rating periods updated

Field - At site

  • Visit the site in the field

  • According to the records and/or stickers, are the installed transducers within calibration?

  • Is the type of time reference device used for obtaining the EST noted on the applicable form?

  • According to the Inspection Reports does the last visit recorded match the record in the SWDB?

  • Last visit date from Inspection records

  • Does this site have at least 3m of lower gauge boards?

  • Are the gauge boards in good condition?

  • Does the condition of the site infrastructure match what is stated on the latest Asset Condition Report?

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