Title Page

  • Returned on Return Authority:

  • NEC Model Name:

  • Unit Serial Number:

  • Check conducted by:

  • Conducted on:

Outer Carton

  • Is there any damage to the Outer Carton?

  • Please capture a photograph of the outer cartons Serial Number

Internal Packaging

  • Is the internal packaging, returned in an acceptable state?

  • Please capture a photograph of the packaging inside the carton.

  • What accessories were returned in the carton:

Acceptance Test

  • Please capture photographs of the entire unit, front, rear and sides.

  • Capture a photograph of the Serial Number on the outer of the unit:

  • Capture a photograph of the Expert Mode: OSD Serial Number:

  • Capture a photograph of the Expert Mode: Usage Hours

  • Capture a photograph of Test Pattern 56 on Expert Mode:

Final Section

  • Signature for Validation

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