• Are TFO and Deputy TFO(s) (if required) present and is their training valid?

  • Are staff aware of the biosecurity requirements and are they trained? (Records of 6 monthly refresher Biosecurity training)

  • Is the staff register current?

  • Is the AP's training valid?

  • Are checks carried out in accordance with the operating manual?

  • Have Sea container survey sheets been completed and up to date?

  • Has any contamination been recorded or reported to MPI since the last audit?

  • Has the Activity Register been completed and up to date?

  • Has the Disinfection log been completed for MPI washes?

Facility Operations and Paperwork

  • Is TF signage in the correct places? (Site Entrance and Wash bay)

  • Is public access to the TF controlled when uncleared risk goods are onsite?

  • Is the hard stand are in good repair?

  • Is there a minimum of 3 metres clearance around the hard stand area which is clear of rubbish/debris/weeds?

  • Is the wash area and equipment cleaned of contaminants at the completion of decontamination work?

  • Is drainage suitable for collecting wash water from the hard stand area? Is it easily accessed and cleaned?

  • Does the wash bay securely contain all water, solids, effluent and material dislodged by the decontamination within the designated area?

  • Has the TFO or a delegated person carried out and recorded the monthly inspections?

  • Is the site pest controlled and records kept?

  • Is the site biosecurity operating manual current and available to staff?

  • Is a copy of the current standard (TF-GEN) available to staff?

  • Is a copy of the current standard (SEACO) available to staff?

  • Is a copy of the current import health standard (Wood packaging) available to staff?

  • Are facility records kept and retrievable for 2 years including:
    - Copy of TF and TFO approved certificates
    - Waste Disposal and waste treatment records
    - Staff Training records
    - All import documents (BACC, CDO etc)

Equipment Checks

  • Is the following equipment available and labelled as Biosecurity only:

  • Broom, Dustpan, Brush

  • Biosecurity Bin

  • Small Plastic Bags and/or containers

  • Torch

  • 2 Cans of Approved Dual Action Insecticide

  • Sieves for drains with maximum 2mm hole size

  • MPI Approved Disinfectant

  • Equipment to apply MPI approved disinfectant

  • Steam Cleaner

  • Protective Clothing (wet weather gear, jackets, boots)

  • Certified Container Inspection frames

  • Enter the stand identification numbers here

  • Are the stands certified and in good condition?

  • TF Biosecurity signage

  • Contamination/Wash Labels, Tape and stickers

Sign Off

  • Auditor Name and Signature

  • TFO or Representative Name and Signature

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