Walk Through


1. Answer "✔", "✖" or "N/A" on the questions provided below.
2. Add Photos in "Image" and Comments in "Note" for the items required.
3. Add a Corrective Measure by tapping "Action", then provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date.
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Safety Equipment

Backboard: Head restraints in good working order

Backboard: Straps all in good working order

Backboard: Overall condition of the boards

Tubes: Good working order/all parts attached

Hip Packs: Gloves

Hip Packs: Mask

Trauma Kit: BVM

Trauma Kit: Pocket Mask

Trauma Kit: Gloves

First Aid Kit: Supplied and Ready

Emergency Phone: Good working order

Oxygen Tank: Full

Pool Floors

Pool Gutters

Pool Bottom

Pool Drains

Equipment Storage

Overall Cleanliness

Guard Checks

Chemical Checks

Inspector Sign Off