• Project Name

  • AFE

  • Contractor

  • Conducted on

  • Inspected By

  • Personnel Present

  • Note: Include all information pertinent to Environmental inspection at the time this inspection is conducted. Include entire permitted project name, full inspector name and signature. Attach pictures as necessary. (Do not use symbols in "Project Name" such as # @ $ (/), etc.)

  • Answer Every Item Below. If an item is not applicable or "not present", mark as N/A. If a BMP is Insufficient, Mark as AT RISK and Make Repairs within 7 days.

Inspection Type

  • Routine

  • Post Rain Event

Current Weather On Site- check all that apply

  • Sunny

  • Overcast/Cloudy

  • Snow/Ice Covered

Site Access

  • Rock Construction Entrance(s)

  • Off-Site Vehicle Tracking

  • Dust Control

  • Cross-drain Culvert(s)

  • Check Dam(s)<br> Overflow point installed?

  • Road Surface Slope

  • Drainage Dips

  • Road-Side Ditches

  • Wing Ditches/Turnouts

Vegetation/Soil Management

  • Topsoiling<br> Segregated? Mulched <4days? Contained?<br>

  • Seedbed Preparation<br>

  • Vegetated Buffer Zones

  • Hydro-Seeding

  • Seed Tags From Seed Bags Must Be Kept in Project's E & S Folder

  • Vegetation Percentage- Enter a Value (0 for active sites)

Slope Stabilization

  • Water Bars<br>

  • Soil Roughening or Tracking<br> Tracked perpendicular to slope?

  • Brush Piles<br> Windrowed to Downhill Side?

  • Mulching

  • ECB's, ECRM's, TRMs<br> Straw/Curlex/Geotextile

  • Straw/Hay Bales<br> Replace/Remove <3 months

  • Silt Fencing

  • Silt Sock/ Compost Sock

  • Off-Site/Up Drainage Diverted?

  • Trench Breakers (Ditch Plugs)

  • On-Site Erosion

Creek/Stream Crossing

  • Stream Bank Stabilization <br>

  • ECB's, ECRM's, TRMs<br> Straw/Curlex/Geotextile

  • Rip-Rap Installation

  • Straw/Hay Bales<br> Replace/Remove <3 months

  • Silt Sock/ Compost Sock

  • Active Stream Crossing to Minimum Spec

  • Silt Fencing

  • Upstream Water Quality

  • Downstream Water Quality

  • Instream Sedimentation Accumulation?

  • Mat Bridges<br> Above flow/ Geo Base With Side Boards

  • Flume Pipe<br>

  • Mulching<br> (No Mulch Inside Controls)

  • Check Dams (not in flowing stream)<br>

  • Wetlands Topsoil Stockpiled >50ft Away? <br> Trench Spoil on Geo Material?

CPF and Well Pads

  • Sediment Basins

  • Straw/Hay Bales<br> Replace/Remove <3 months

  • Silt Sock/ Compost Sock

  • Silt Fencing

  • ECB's, ECRM's, TRMs<br> Straw/Curlex/Geotextile

  • Sediment Traps

  • Interceptor Swales (drainage ditches)

  • Spillways, Outlets & Overflows

Bore Site

  • Perimeter Sediment Barrier

  • Generator/ Pump Containment

  • Bore Mud Pit Cuttings Contained Slurry Disposal

  • Unplanned Inadvertent Returns

General Housekeeping

  • Solid Waste Handling

  • Fuel/Chemical Handling


  • Repairs/Maintenance Needed?

  • Repairs/ Maintenance Performed <7 Days of Last Inspection?

  • Observations/Comments:

  • Sketch

  • E & S Inspector Signature: (required)

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