• Project Name

  • Company

  • Permit Number

  • Wetland Number

  • Pre-Construction Classification

  • Inspected By

  • Conducted on

  • All items must be inspected and documented. Attach photos to the appropriate category.

Inspection Type

  • One Month Review

  • Full Growing Season Review

Current Weather On Site- check all that apply

  • Sunny

  • Overcast/Cloudy

  • Rainy

Site Restoration

  • Has grading been restored to per-construction conditions?

  • Was topsoil segregated and replaced?

  • Were trench plugs installed per the permitted drawing?

  • Has excess fill material been removed?

  • Have erosion and sedimentation controls been removed?

  • Has vegetation been restored to pre-construction conditions?

  • State the amount of re-emergence of dominant hydrophytic vegetation. Note any pre- and post- construction Cowardin Classification differences.

  • Has pre-construction hydrology been restored?

  • Describe any changes to wetland function and/or value.

  • Additional Comments/Observations

  • Sketch

  • Inspector/Observer Signature: (required)

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