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  • Is all required training completed<br>?

  • Have risk assessments / FLRAs been completed, reviewed and signed off by leader/supervisor?

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  • Is eye protection (sealed, goggle, faceshield, etc.)<br>- Worn when/where required?<br>- In good condition, no damage?

  • Is foot protection (metatarsal guards):<br>- Worn when/where required?<br>- In good condition?<br>- Slip guards used where appropriate?

  • Is hand protection (proper glove for the job):<br>- Worn when/where required?<br>- In good condition?

  • Is hearing protection (plugs, muffs, both):<br>- Worn when/where required?<br>- In good condition?

  • Is respiratory protection (1/2 face, full face, PAPR, Air-Supplied):<br>- Worn when/where required?<br>- Appropriate use of filters/cartridges for the contaminant(s) present?<br>- Apparatus and filters/cartridges in good condition?

  • Is fall protection (Harness, SRL, Lanyards, etc.):<br>- Worn when/where required and properly fitted?<br>- In good condition?<br>- Pre-Use inspection completed?<br>- Certified and correct harness used for the application? (fall arrest, evacuation/retrieval etc.)

  • Other

General Facility/Site Conditions/Housekeeping

  • Are surface/floor/wall/ceilings:<br>- In good condition, free of hazards?

  • Are exits/egress routes clear and signage posted?

  • Are stairways/walkways/ramps/platforms:<br>- clear and free of hazards

  • Are driveways / aisles:<br>- Unobstructed, have good visibility and clear of hazards?

  • Are there sufficient warning signs/markings/postings and do they clearly identify the hazards that may be present?

  • Is general and emergency lighting/alarms in good working order and inspected regularly?

  • Are handrails secure and free of excessive defects?<br> -Heavily damaged handrails that require replacement? Loose? Broken welds? Bent handrails and/or toe boards?<br> -Handrails do not contain excessive oil/grease?

  • Other

Tools, Equipment and Rigging

  • Are hand-power tools free of defects?<br>- Damaged/broken equipment tagged and taken out of service?

  • Are air guns & hoses pinned / are valves in good condition?

  • Are Slings, Chains, Rigging Inspected & Tagged?

  • Are horses/cribbing in good condition and stored properly when not in use?

  • Other

Orderliness & Material / Chemical Storage

  • Are materials stacked securely and storage organized and free of clutter?<br>- Are stored materials easily and safely accessible?

  • Are there adequate containers provided for debris and is proper waste disposal in practice?

  • Is there effective spill containment & response / proper resources available?<br>- Spill kit visible and accessible?

  • Are proper container in use - and properly labeled?

  • Are MSDS/SDS available/ reviewed?

  • Other

Emergency Response/Fire Protection

  • Are Fire extinguishers available, inspected monthly and unblocked?

  • Are Employees aware of emergency procedures and where assembly areas are? (Interview >=2 employees)

  • Are Eyewash/Safety Shower stations inspected and unblocked?

  • Is there sufficient emergency equipment installed in the area?<br> -Fire extinguishers, eyewash, safety shower, spill kits, alarm pull stations, etc.

  • Are fire suppression systems unblocked and free of damage?

  • Is signage - No Smoking, Flammable, Combustible Signs installed, visible and in good condition?

  • Is Emergency Contact Information current?<br>- updated contact list posted?<br>- evacuation route updated and posted?

  • Are Flammables/Combustible Liquids / Material Storage<br>- Properly labeled and stored?

  • Are there Welding & Cutting (Flash Arrestors) available and being used? (interview employees)

  • Are Oxy - Fuel Cylinders Stored 25' apart?

  • Are Hot Work Permits / Emergency Controls in place where required?

  • Other

Mobile Equipment

  • Is equipment inspected as per frequency requirements?<br>- Inspection booklet on equipment and completed to date

  • Are operators using horns and warning devices where required?

  • Are spotters used when there is limited visibility?<br>( Interview equipment operators/area supervisor if available)

Electrical Hazards/Arc Flash

  • Are High voltage signs in place and visible?

  • Are Electrical cabinets closed and in good repair?<br> -Do the cabinets close securely?

  • Are Electrical cabinets unblocked?<br> -Nothing within 36 inches of the front of the cabinet?<br> -Clear access/pathway to electrical cabinets?

  • Is Arc flash signage in place?<br> -Indicates arc flash category?

  • Is Proper arc flash PPE available and in use?

  • Are GFCI in place and being used?

  • Are Cords, Tools, Plugs Inspected and Color-Coded?

  • Generators and Welders Grounded

Lockout Tagout - Energy Control

  • Are employees expected to conduct lockout trained and equipped properly?<br> -Employees understand their role and requirements?<br> -Employees have locks available if needed?

  • Are employees locked out during a change over and/or other tasks that require lockout?<br> -All employees who are working on the equipment have their own lock affixed to the proper energy source(s)?<br> -Lockout was verified, stored energy was dissipated and equipment will not operate?

  • Are energy control procedures exist for all equipment in the area and employees know where to find them?

  • Have lockout exceptions been adequately evaluated and determined safe?<br> -Do regular tool/machine adjustments introduce hazards with unacceptable risk?<br> -Other exceptions?

Equipment - Crane/Hoists, Loaders, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts & All Other Machines

  • Are pre-use inspections completed as per requirements?<br>- Inspections signed off by leader/supervisor?<br>- Completed Daily?

  • Are employees working under suspended loads?

  • Are cranes working within their operating limits?<br> -Capacity not exceeded?<br> -Upper limit switch not used as a stop?

  • Are Alarms, Horns and Warning Lights Working?

  • Are all Equipment Guards in Place / Wheel Chocks available and in use?

  • Is operating condition safe overall?<br>

  • Other

Fall Protection

  • Is the underfoot walking working surface safe?<br>

  • Are handrail systems / perimeter guards installed and in good condition?

  • Is scaffolding properly installed, inspected and tagged?

  • Is the ladder in good condition? Setup correctly? Tied Off & Use?

  • Are personnel practicing 100% tie off as required?

  • Are wall openings guarded and holes covered?

Signature and Finalization

  • I have completed this assessment to the best of my knowledge. This audit is not intended to identify all safety and health hazards, but to identify all visible/known hazards as of the date printed on the completed assessment. assessment.

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