Sheathing Substrates

Is the surface clean,dry, and free of loose materials?

Confirm there are no offsets or gaps exceeding 1/4".

Is the screw spacing in conformance with what is specified in the plan details?

CMU, Cast-in-Place Concrete, and Stucco Substrates

Has the concrete cured for at least 28 days?

Is the substrate within tolerance of EIFS/ Direct application? (1/4" in 10'0").

Is any efflorescence present on the substrate?

Is the substrate clean and dry?

Confirm a continuous layer of Backstop NT-Smooth is applied using a roller.

AquaFlash & Flashing Tape @ Rough Opening

Ensure air and surface temperature are from 40 degrees minimum to 100 degrees maximum before applying AquaFlash or Flashing Tape.

Is the surface clean, dry and smooth?

Confirm mesh is embedded completely into the AquaFlash.

Confirm a 2" minimal lap at mesh edges and a 2" lap past jambs.

Confirm mesh "butterflies" are applied at sill/jamb corners of openings.

Does the AquaFlash system extend to the interior side of window and wrap the upturn of the sill pan at the jambs?

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