• Site conducted

  • Building tenant

  • Building Description

  • Building number

  • Building plan number and grid line reference

  • Building Level

  • Employee

  • Conducted On

  • Prepared by

Ceiling Fabric

  • Solid set

  • Tiled<br>

  • Other<br><br>

  • Are Metallic Products Used

  • Description of metallic products

  • Is there insulation present

  • * No ceiling space is to be entered if it contains any insulation that contains conductive material (generally described as foil insulation)

Electrical Switchboard

  • Capacity of main switch

  • Number of poles

  • Are RCD's present

  • Is the switchboard legend present

  • The below assessment is on the condition of the switchboard

  • Estimated age of the switchboard

  • Switchboard condition

  • Legend Condition

  • * Identified S/B may not be the only point of control in this area due to cables traversing through the area feed from other S/B and other sources of supply used to control services in the area.

Cable Containment

  • Cable tray present

  • Conduit Present

  • Centenary wire

Cable Segregation

  • Cable segregated from ELV services

  • Cable segregated from building structure

  • Cable segregated from Other services

Cable routing

  • Area contains sub mains

  • Area contains cabling that traverses through the slab above

  • Area would be considered to contain defined main cable pathways

  • Area contains cabling that has been installed square to the building lines

  • Area contains redundant cabling

Cable terminations

  • Area contains lights that are hard wired

  • Area contains lights that are connected via 413's (socket arrangement)

  • Area contains in ceiling GPO's

  • Area contains under ceiling GPO's

  • Area contains J boxes / cable joints

  • Area contains In ceiling isolators

  • Area contains FIDS screens


  • Was the area found to contain any cables that were improperly terminated

  • Does the area contain any other items of concern that have not been identified in the audit questions

  • Was there any limiting factors that may have reduced the effectiveness of the audit (limited access via man holes, insulation present, presences of other services)

  • Was the area found to contain any unterminated cables

  • To the best of my knowledge, no unterminated cables where left in the inspection area.


  • Audit Team Member

Disclaimer :- The assessors believe the information contained within this audit to be correct at the time of he audit. Limitations of audit :- The audit will reduce the risk of accidental electrical contact through unterminated cables, however as the assessor can only comment on what is seen there remains a residual risk that not all hazards are identified.

Scope of work:- The prime purpose is to perform a visual inspection to establish if the presence of an electrical threat exists through coming in contact with unterminated live cabling in the ceiling cavity. The secondary purpose is to provide commentary on contributing factors that would enable future risk assessments to be made before ceiling spaces are entered.

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