Rigging Path

What is the estimated push in distance?

Is there sufficient room for the truck parking and offload?

Is there a proposed solution for equipment delivery or an alternate location?

Are path doorway wide enough for equipment travel? (45.5")

What is the proposed solution?

Is the ceiling height clear along the path?

What are the details and the proposed solution?

Vault Details

Vault Details

What is the vault foundation?

Does the site have the concrete break results for the existing concrete?

Is the concrete strong enough to support our equipment and meet our spec of 4500 psi?

Is the suspended floor supported?

Are support pillars in a proper location for Elekta Linac placement?

Draw the basic vault dimensions and include approximate location of HVAC vents.

What is the distance from the current ISO center to the back wall?

What is the current height from finished floor to vault ceiling?

Is there a functional sink inside the vault?

Is there a current location for the electron applicator storage?

Can it be altered to accommodate the Elekta electron cones?

Mechanical and Plumbing

What kind of cooling system is the site currently using?

Is city water capable of maintaining 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit at 40psi year round?

Are the water lines coming from the "A" side of the vault?

Are they capable of routing the lines to the appropriate location?

What is the proposed solution?

What is the current flow rate? (GPM)

What is the current temperature? (Fahrenheit)

What is the current pressure? (PSI)

Is there currently a supply side filtration system?

What is the current filtration micron level?

Is the current HVAC system capable of being split for 2 zones within the vault?

What is the sites plan to keep the equipment room at 68 degrees and the treatment room at 72-75 degrees?

Do any of the current HVAC vents need to be relocated to accommodate the Elekta equipment installation?



What is the current input power to the vault?

Are they able to pull in 2 separate 480 supplies for the Linac and XVI generator?

What is the proposed solution?

Are they able to get a 480 circuit pulled into the vault if they are getting XVI?

What is the proposed solution?

Are there suficient outlets in the vault to support Mosaiq and Hexapod in-room systems if applicable?

What is the proposed solution?

Are there currently sufficient power outlets in the control room?

What is the proposed solution?

Is the site planning on constructing a computer closet?

Are they able to achieve proper air flow and ventilation?

Summary and Details

Additional notes not included within this assessment.

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Facility Entrance
Offload Area and Rigging Path
Control Room
Vault and/or Maze
Points of Concern
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