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  • Some safe work practices are used.

  • Written program specifies:<br>• Roles, responsibilities and requirements for authorized employees.<br>• Sequence of lockout/tagout procedure.<br>• Group lockout procedure.<br>• Shift change procedure.<br>• Lock removal procedure.<br>• Procedure for sharing program/policy with contractors;<br>• Employee training requirements.<br><br>A revision log shall be included as part of the written program.

  • Inventory of applicable equipment is complete within 3 months of program introduction.

  • Machine specific energy control procedures are developed for all applicable equipment. Procedures are up to date (e.g. relocated or modified equipment).

  • Alternative procedures are developed for tasks which expose employees to hazardous energy when a full energy control procedure cannot be implemented (e.g. die changes in a hydraulic press brake, other tool changes and routine or integral activities exposing employees to hazardous energy).

  • Locks, tags and other necessary equipment are available.

  • LOTO Procedures and Alternate Procedures are communicated and posted.

  • Written program is reviewed annually and updated as necessary. The revision log has been maintained to reflect the annual review and any other changes made to the written program throughout the year.

  • Supervisors and "authorized employees" receive formalized training, including exams, upon assignment and every three years thereafter. <br>Effective refresher training is provided during other years.

  • Trainers are competent and qualified to train on the subject matter.

  • Site maintains a list of "authorized employees" which includes the date of last formalized training and annual audit.

  • Documented audits of authorized employee understanding of the LOTO process and verification of selected machine LOTO procedures are conducted at least annually.

  • Equipment inventory is updated annually.

  • Energy control program (procedures, labels, etc.) are implemented for new or modified equipment before it is released for service. All new or modified equipment is lockable.

  • Every person performing service or maintenance on a machine has affixed their own personal locks (or community tags) to energy isolating devices to prevent the unexpected energization of the machine.

  • Energy control procedures are strictly followed.

  • Employees (affected, authorized and other) understand their roles and responsibilities.

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