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Emergency Evacuation Checklist

  • Stay calm and do not panic.

  • Listen to the PA system for instructions.

  • Perform your assigned emergency/evacuation responsibilities (if you have any).

  • If it is easily accessible, get your emergency kit and bring it with you as you evacuate the workplace.

  • If it is easily accessible, wear or bring PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

  • Follow the evacuation warden to the designated safe area.

  • Follow the buddy system and alert the evacuation warden or coordinator if you notice that a coworker is missing.

  • After arriving at the designated safe area, listen and respond to the evacuation warden's head count or roll call.

  • If you notice that a coworker is not in the designated safe area, inform the evacuation warden or coordinator immediately.

  • If you have received the appropriate training, apply first aid care to injured coworkers (with the permission of the evacuation warden).

  • Double-check if all your coworkers are in the evacuation area.

  • Notify your friends and family that you have been in an emergency situation at your workplace and that you are safe.

  • Wait for further instructions from the evacuation warden or coordinator.

  • Do not leave the designated safe area unless told to by the evacuation warden or coordinator.

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