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  • Monitor the situation at CDC’s COVID-19 website, North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services website, and your local health department.

  • Ensure agency infection control policies are consistent with the CDC’s COVID-19 infection prevention guidance.

  • Review protocols, policies and procedures for rapidly implementing appropriate infection prevention practices for potential COVID-19. <br><br>For example:<br> Placement of necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for responders within all prehospital provider response vehicles and initial response bags<br> Proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment<br> Updating infection prevention training for employees

  • Review hand hygiene policies and supplies (e.g., accessible alcohol-based hand rub).

  • Review supplies of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE):

  • NIOSH-approved respirator such as an N-95 respirator or Positive Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) – necessary for procedures creating respiratory aerosols (e.g. nebulizers, intubations etc.)

  • Surgical Masks

  • Eye protection (e.g. goggles or disposable face shield that fully covers the front and sides of the face)

  • Isolation Gowns

  • Patient Exam Gloves (single pair or disposable gloves)

  • Ensure Prehospital Providers who will provide patient care have been medically cleared, fittested, and trained for respirator use.

  • Review policies and procedures for screening and work restrictions for exposed or ill providers including ensuring that they have ready access, including via telephone, to medical consultation.

  • Provide education and training to prehospital providers regarding COVID-19 diagnosis, how to limit exposures, appropriate PPE use, and effective communication with receiving healthcare facilities, sick leave policies, and how and to whom suspected COVID-19 cases should be reported within your agency along with procedures to take following unprotected exposures (e.g. not wearing recommended PPE).

  • Review plans for implementation of surge capacity procedures and management of scarce resources.

  • Review supplies of appropriate cleaning and disinfection products (e.g. EPA-registered disinfectant appropriate for coronavirus in healthcare settings).

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