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Personal Details

  • Surname

  • First Name

  • Contact number

  • Current Site

  • Classification

  • Specific Position (labourer etc)

You are only required to fill out one of the following two sections, either 'Resignation Details' or 'Dismissal Details'.

Resignation Details

  • Date notice was given

  • Number of days' notice was given

  • What is their last working day

  • Did they work out their notice


  • Please specify to be followed up by HR (flights, courses, etc.)

Dismissal Deatils

  • Was the employee given notice

  • If so, what date

  • How much notice was given

  • What is their last working day

  • Reason for Dismissal

  • Provide Details

Performance Report - MUST BE COMPLETED

  • Standard/Performance
    1-2 Unacceptable
    3-4 Poor
    5-6 Acceptable
    7 Good
    8 Very Good
    9 High
    10 Excellent

  • Safety

  • Comments

  • Attendance

  • Comments

  • Attitude

  • Comments

  • Ability

  • Comments

  • Flexibility

  • Comments

  • Output

  • Comments

  • Is this person suitable for re-employment in the future

  • Additional Comments

  • Supervisor/Senior Management Signature

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