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  • Building Number / Name

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  • Is there evidence that the Property Management Office institutes an energy awareness program with tenants involving regular communication of energy issues?

  • Does the Property Management Office take steps to identify and implement any low or no cost energy saving opportunities?

Building Inspection

  • Are energy and water savings devices being utilized throughout the building? (i.e. T8 fluorescent lamps, lighting controls, motion sensors, faucet aerators or water restrictors, automatic shutoff valves, etc.)

  • Are controls in place to reduce lighting levels in unoccupied space?

  • Does the building envelope include energy saving measures? (i.e. Solar Film, blinds, shades, etc.)

  • Is there a Building Operating Plan in place that reflects most efficient operations for the major equipment (chiller, boilers, etc.)?

  • Are computers, other appliances and/or electronic equipment energy efficient? (Energy Star Labels, etc.)

  • Are computers and other electronics turned off when not in use?

  • On review of the EUAS, is the BTUs/GSF and GAL/GSF in the buildings on target with Regional and National Goals?

Measures and Reports

  • Is the Property Management Office reviewing consumption on a regular basis and determining causes and solutions where significant variances occur?

  • Has an Energy Audit been completed within the last ten years?

  • Have all Energy Saving Opportunities identified been completed or scheduled for completion?

  • Has an Energy Audit been scheduled?

  • Are there excessive tenant requests (Service Calls) affecting energy or water consumption that require corrective action?

  • Comments regarding excessive Service Calls

  • Is the Service Center meeting the regional energy reduction target? (btu/gsf/year)

  • Is the Service Center meeting the regional water reduction target? (gal/gsf/year)


  • Program Compliance

  • Program Reviewer

  • Field Office Representative

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