Inspection Details

  • Conducted on

  • Inspection Type

  • Reinspection Number ...

  • CRM reference

  • ONO reference

  • Business Type

  • Business Sub-type

Business Details

  • Business Name

  • Proprietor Name

  • ABN

  • Business Address

  • Location
  • Business Telephone Number

  • Email


  • Stormwater Management

  • Does the business know the location of onsite storm water drains

  • Are all stormwater drains clean and free of pollutants?

  • Does the business have a spill kit?

  • Are any activities conducted in outdoor areas?

  • Chemical Storage

  • Are all liquids stored in a covered and bunded area?

  • Are any underground tanks tested for leaks?

  • Does the business have a chemical inventory/manifest (MSDS, volumes, container types)?

  • Does chemical storage conform to AS 1940?

  • Air Management

  • Is spray painting carried out at the premises?

  • Is all spray painting conducted inside a spray booth?

  • Does the spray booth conform to AS/NZS 4114?

  • Are filters of mechanical ventilation systems fitted and operating correctly?

  • Are all dust collection systems operating correctly

  • Waste Management

  • Are solid wastes kept covered?

  • Are liquid wastes stored in a covered and bunded area?

  • Are waste storage carried out in an environmentally satisfactory manner?

  • Is waste water disposed of in accordance with Sydney Water Trade Waste Agreement?

  • Are all air conditioning gases collected by a licensed person?

  • Is a waste tracking file kept for all trackable wastes?

  • Noise Management

  • Do hours of operation comply with conditions of consent?

  • Monday to Friday

  • Saturday

  • Sunday

  • Can any noise generating equipment be heard outside the premises?

  • Regulated Premises

  • Does the premises have an operational cooling tower?

  • Is the cooling tower registered with Council?

  • Is the premises a food premises?

  • Is the food premises registered with Council?

  • Is skin penetration carried out at the premises?

  • Is the skin penetration premises registered with Council?

  • Pollution

  • Is there evidence of land pollution?

  • Is there evidence of water pollution?

  • Is there evidence of air pollution?

  • Is there evidence of noise pollution?

  • Does the Business have an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)?

  • Are staff trained in environmental management?

  • Further Comments

Inspection Outcome

Inspection Outcome

  • What is the outcome of the inspection?

  • Action to be taken by Council

  • Proposed date of reinspection

Acknowledgement of Inspection

  • Signature of Officer

  • Signature of business owner/ representitive

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