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  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

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  • Personnel

Stop, Step Back, Observe

  • Has a Risk assessment (JSA or STAMP) been completed for the site/task?

  • Have you got the correct PPE for the site/task?

  • Have you been inducted to this site?

  • If no, is there one available?

  • Are you going to be escorted?

  • Have you looked close, looked wide and looked above for hazards?

Walk-Through Tasks

  • Is the work area in good order?

  • Is access okay?

  • Are Safe Operating Procedures available for this task?

  • Do you understand the job/task requirements?

Identify Hazards

  • Assess the risk of being struck by vehicles or mobile plant (outside walkways = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of being or becoming isolated from others (> 50m = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of communicating with others if in trouble (language or no reception = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of manual handling activities (over 15kg = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of accessing and working at heights (at heights = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of accessing and working in confined spaces (confined space = at risk)

  • Assess the risk of plant/equipment fail due to poor maintenance, etc (damaged = at risk)

  • Are identified risks covered by the STAMP/JSA?

  • Have you the means to control these additional hazards?<br>Detail hazards and controls.

Access and Control Risk

  • Is risk assessment available?

  • What is the level of risk?<br>(If high or extreme - perform a full risk assessment)<br>

  • Are Hazard(s) removed or controlled?<br>(Provide details)

  • Have potential problems been discussed/resolved?

Safely Complete Task

  • Can this job/task continue safely?

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