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Tire Changer

Tire Changer

  • Check to add Tire Changer

  • Tire Changer
  • Bead Breaker pivot is in good condition, showing no excessive wear.

  • Bead Breaker pivot bolts are lubricated with chassis lube.

  • Bead Breaker handle shows no bending or improper repairs and is snug.

  • Air inlet hose is free of cuts, bulges, and leaks.

  • Non-stationary hoses have a pinch clamp.

  • Air line oiler oil level has been checked.

  • Air line dryer has been emptied.

  • Dial pressure gauge located on top of the machine is operational.

  • Air inflation gauge is operational.

  • Inflator has a 3 second pulse when inflating.

  • Table top blaster lines are properly connected.

  • Pop-off valve is in operating condition.

  • Tire changer frame is free of cracks.

  • Table top is snug and free of wobble.

  • Table top is clean and lightly lubricated on the slide areas.

  • Table clamps are in operating condition.

  • Foot pedals are in operating condition.

  • Foot pedal guard is tight and in the correct position.

  • Tire changers are anchored to the floor.

  • Floor around tire changer is clean.

  • Safety inflation line is 24" out and parallel to the machine.

  • Trash can is hung on back of the tool holder/valve stem box for immediate disposal of trash.

  • Valve stem boxes are labeled and stocked.

  • Tools are clean and operational.

  • Robo-arm clamp is at the base of the Robo-arm.

  • Robo-arm shaft stays in the "up" position when raised to the max height.

  • Robo-arm fits are greased on the two pivot ion joints.

  • Transmission lube should be visible on tip of dipstick.

  • Duckhead is tight and free of cracks.

  • Duckhead is slide is lightly greased.

  • Oil injection reservoir fluid is at an acceptable level.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Automatic oiler is filled weekly, as necessary.

  • Oil injector reservoir is filled monthly, as necessary.

  • Transmission has been lubricated monthly, as required.

  • Air gauge calibration check has been done monthly.

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  • Check to add Compressor

  • Compressor
  • Three or four POP-off valves are present and operational. (Depends on store) SchraderAir compressors have 4.

  • Dial pressure gauge is operational.

  • Compressor is set at 150-175 PSI.

  • Wire is snug and hard wired.

  • Hoses are free of kinks, tears, leaks, abrasions, cracks, and excessive wear.

  • Bottom drain is operational and tank is properly drained.

  • Moisture shall be drained daily.

  • Drive belt and guard are in good condition and are free of tears and cracks.

  • Lubrication is at adequate level.

  • Compressors are marked with chalk to identify when last oil and filter change took place.

  • Area around compressor is free from debris.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Pressure relieve valves (functional check) weekly.

  • Air lines have been drained weekly.

  • Tank water build-up has be drained weekly.

  • Oil filter has been changed within 6 months.

  • Drive belt has been inspected within 6 months.

  • Air filter has been changed within 6 months.

  • Tank has been inspected within 12 months.

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  • Check to add Balancer

  • Balancer
  • External cords, terminals, and outlets are free of excessive wear.

  • Outlets are properly installed.

  • Air inlet is connected and hoses are free so excessive wear and leaks.

  • Air dryer is empty.

  • Roller is free of cracks and debris.

  • Table top is in good condition.

  • There are no leaks inside the assembly.

  • Balancer shaft, cones, and wing nuts are oil-free.

  • Cones and balance shaft are free of excessive wear.

  • Cones pass reference gauge test.

  • Balance shaft passes reference gauge test.

  • Calibration is performed monthly.

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  • Check to add Lift

  • Lift
  • Safety release rod is straight.

  • Cotter pin is present and in good condition.

  • Cylinder cord and hose are free of cracks.

  • Tank reservoir is free of cracks.

  • Reservoir cap is in good condition.

  • External cords are intact and in good condition.

  • Fuel level is acceptable.

  • Cylinder and hoses have no leaks.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Hydraulic fluid has been changed every 12 months.

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Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

  • Check to add Torque Wrench

  • Torque Wrench
  • Check torque wrench calibration daily.

  • Max allowable tolerance is within +\- 7 lbs when wrench is set to 100lbs.

  • Adjustment dial remains stationary during the test.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Precision instrument has been checked for calibration every 2 months.

  • Comments

Floor Jack

Floor Jack

  • Check to add Floor Jack

  • Floor Jack
  • All bolts on the lifting jacks are tight.

  • Air is purged from the jack.

  • Pumps are free of leaks and damage.

  • Jack handle has foam on it and is properly taped.

  • Rubberized grip or tennis ball is present.

  • Hydraulic jack oil is at proper level.

  • All moving parts are lubricated.

  • Floor jack is free of rust and corrosion.

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Repair Buffer

Repair Buffer

  • Check to add Repair Buffer

  • Repair Buffer
  • Hose muffler is properly attached.

  • Spring on safety catch is operating correctly.

  • Non-stationary hoses must have a pinch clamp.

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Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

  • Check to add Dunk Tank

  • Dunk Tank
  • Dunk tank has the assigned narrow cylinder nut.

  • Dunk tank has a jamb nut on top of the dunk plate.

  • Non-stationary hoses have a pinch clamp

  • Comments

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

  • Check to add Impact Wrench

  • Impact Wrench
  • Impact wrench has proper lubrication.

  • Non-stationary hoses have a pinch clamp.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Impact wrench has been oiled daily.

  • Impact wrench has been greased weekly.

  • Comments



  • Check to add GFCI Outlet

  • GFCI Outlet
  • Dunk tank area is equipped with GFCI outlet and passes ground fault test.

  • Bathroom area is equipped with GFCI outlet and passes ground fault test.

  • Janitor closet area is equipped with GFCI outlet and passes ground fault test.

  • Hose bib area is equipped with GFCI outlet and passes ground fault test.

  • Check to add Extension Cord

  • Extension Cord
  • Extension cord is in good condition.

  • Extension cord is UL rated.

  • Extension cord is 3 pronged.

  • Extension cord is not a permanent solution.

  • Extension cord is not daisy chained.

  • Extension cord is not powering surge protectors.

  • Breaker Panel / telephone Boards

  • Breaker panel has a cover and is clean.

  • Telephone boards no longer in service need to be de-energized and disposed.

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