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Section 1

Neck and/or Shoulder

  • High Force / Posture: Neck: Fully flexed or extended neck positions. Shoulders: Working above shoulder level or behind the body. Arms: Forceful push/pull exertions

  • Low Force / Posture: Neck: Slight bending of the neck (<5 degrees). Shoulder: Easy arms reaches in front of the body - elbows are close to the body. Arms: Low exertion or push/pull motions with shoulder and arms.

  • This job / task requires what type of force / posture?

  • High Frequency: Neck: Repetitive bending or twisting of the neck (>15 bends or motion per minute). Shoulder: Reaching above shoulder level or behind the body (<6 bends or motions per minute). Frequent push/pull motions.

  • Low Frequency: Neck: Occasional bending of the neck (2 or less per minute). Shoulder: Reaching a over shoulder level or behind the body (2 or less per minute). 1 or less push/pull motions per minute.

  • This job / task is performing these forces / postures at what frequency?

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