Confined Space Program

  • Spaces labeled?

  • Evaluate CS rescue equipment as listed on the log - App B

  • Evaluate CS entry and rescue ropes

  • Evaluate CS Atmospheric Monitoring Devices as listed on the log - App C

  • Other

Contractor Safety Program

  • Evaluate all programs/policies related to the scope of work being performed.

  • Review of equipment/tools being used.

  • Review (current day) self inspection audits

  • Review orientation records

  • Other

Emergency Response and Action Plan

  • External and Internal locations posted

  • Evacuation maps posted in facility (including revision dates)

  • Evaluate emergency exit signs/lights

  • Egress - exit access, the exit, and the exit route
    Aisle way and exit routes are not blocked and clearly labeled

  • Exit doors - hinged, open in the direction of travel, not blocked

  • Evaluate Emergency Response Equipment (suits, boots, SCBAs, etc.)

  • Other

Electrical Safety Related Work Practices

  • Exposed wiring

  • Improper use of SO cords (wrapped cords, doorways, walls, etc...)

  • 110 panel labeling current and correct (including revision date)

  • Equipment (buckets, cans, disconnects) labeled

  • CO2 fire extinguisher (immediately inside or outside door) and emergency lighting in panel rooms

  • 3 foot clearance in front of electrical panels

  • GFCI used in wet areas

  • Clean rubber mats and/or rubber sole shoes being utilized at panels

  • Missing covers or knock outs

  • Broken or unsecured conduit/conditions of cable tray

  • Sub stations over 600 volts locked

  • No storage of non essential electrical equipment in MCC panel rooms

  • MCC panel rooms limited access (proper training for authorized personnel)

  • Arc Flash Protection (PPE) available to employees / conditions

  • Hot glove test (evaluate process from few employees)

  • Other

Ergonomic Program

  • Ergonomic improvements on floor

  • Stretching program and place and in use

  • Knife sharpening program

  • Other

Fall Protection and Protection Program

  • Evaluate harness & lanyards (good condition, proper storage, etc...)

  • Designated anchor points - locations

  • Rail car fall protection systems

  • Safety swing gates in place and operational

  • Ladder storage and usage

  • Other

Fire Prevention

  • Fire sprinkler system operational

  • Sprinkler main valve locked in open position

  • Fire extinguisher (annual and monthly) inspection tag

  • Oil storage area clean

  • Flammable and combustible stored properly

  • Sprinkler heads at least 18 inches from material

  • No smoking signs in applicable places

  • Fire alarms panels are functional

  • Flammable cabinets in good shape and orderly

  • Boiler permits posted / current

  • Other

Hot Work Permit Program

  • Verify with MTC employees - Hot Work classification map

  • Designated Welding Area posting

  • Welder condition (welders and leads) - production areas

  • Other

Chemical Handling and Storage

  • Eyewash and shower available & operational - correct activation handle

  • Labeling per Hazcom Program

  • Designated bulk chemical storage areas (compatible chemicals / clean and orderly)

  • Piping labeled and identified

  • Chemical specific SOPs have been developed for receiving, handling, PPE, mixing and storage. SOPs are made available to employees.

  • SDS books - updated

  • Other

Industrial Hygiene

  • H2S monitor required postings or markings

  • Carbon Dioxide "in use" postings

  • Radiation signs markings/postings

  • Evaluate Respirators and cartridges (proper storage)

  • Verify all monitoring equipment is working properly (any used for quarterly monitoring)

  • Other

Counter Balances, Chains and Chain Hoists

  • Chain in good shape and stamped

  • Cable in good shape and rated

  • Identified rating on hoist and structure

  • Safety chain or cable in place correctly on all balances (including wizard motors)

  • Safety clip on hoist hook

  • Cable clamp installed properly

  • Other

Lockout Tag-out

  • Lockable valves

  • Lockout procedures posted at drive or available

  • Yellow out of service lock / tag process in place

  • Other

Machine Guarding

  • Shaft key ways smooth

  • No set screws protruding above lock collar

  • Shafts not extended more than one half diameter

  • Auger guarding that requires a tool to remove or interlock that shuts equipment down when lid is raised

  • Incline conveyor guarding (cross under, work stations, etc... guarded to 8 feet)

  • Sprockets and chains totally enclosed (6' 8" & unless work station)

  • Pulley belt drives totally enclosed (6' 8" & unless work station)

  • Coupling guards covered with safety devices

  • Dual handle controls on scissor type devices

  • Safety shield in place, tongue guard (1/4 inch) and tool rest (1/8 inch) on grinders proper adjusted and mounted securely in place

  • Other

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Evaluate employee PPE - based off of PPE check list

  • Randomly inspect PPE for any defects

  • Other

Knife Handling Program

  • Evaluate transportation of knives (including whizards, air knives, skinner blades) following program

  • Designated location for storage of skinning blades (new/used)

  • Other

PIT Program

  • Evaluate driving at safe distance and speed

  • Cautions/warning signs posted

  • Randomly evaluate PIT license

  • Evaluate daily pre shift inspections

  • SOP for fueling/battery charging -posted in designated locations

  • Loading dock policy posted in load out areas

  • Evaluate PIT for working lights, horns, fire extinguisher, etc

  • Other

Rail car, tanker, hopper safety program

  • Evaluate pedestrian warning systems

  • Blue light / flag system in place

  • Other

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

  • Evaluate freight lifts (doors, limit switches, etc...)

  • Other

Walking Surfaces, Fixed Stairs, Stairways

  • Floors clean and without obstructions

  • Floor openings that drop more than 4 feet have handrails and toe boards

  • Fixed stairs a minimum of 22 inches unless egress.

  • Fixed stair angle less than 50 degrees

  • Stair railing between 30 and 34 inches

  • Stairwells over 88 inches wide need center handrail

  • Stair treads slip resistant and uniform in height and tread

  • Industrial railing 42 inches with 21 inch intermediate and 4 inch toe board

  • Floor drain covers securely in place

  • All floor openings greater than 2 inch by 2 inch have covering

  • Other

Maintenance shops

  • Welding curtain available

  • Housekeeping

  • Air regulators for bench air hoses set at 30 pounds or less

  • Safety shield in place, Tongue guard (1/4 inch) and tool rest (1/8 inch) on grinders proper adjusted and mounted securely in place.

  • Drill presses, fixed grinders, etc... Securely anchored

  • Oxygen and fuel cylinders separated by fire resistant wall or 25 feet apart

  • Compressed cylinders properly secured and capped

  • Welder condition (welders and leads)

  • Torch cart condition (back flow regulators, gauges)

  • Hand tools in safe condition

  • Other


  • No signs of smoking

  • Leading edge warning system (fall protection)

  • Stairs, cross overs, ladder conditions

  • Fan covers, skylights and general guarding in place

  • Housekeeping (build up of product, extra equipment, lighting, etc...)

  • Roof access limited (authorized only, locked)

  • Other

Exterior Facility Grounds

  • Housekeeping (scrap material, chemical storage, closed doors, etc...)

  • Accumulation locations

  • Bulk chemical wash / storage areas

  • Fuel storage locations (housekeeping, signs of smoking, etc...)

  • Locking glad hand, jack stands and wheel chocks (dock locks)

  • Other

Other (Misc)

  • Any other possible hazardous conditions found

  • Other

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