• Audit Title

  • Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • QESP - relocation

Previous audit issues follow up

Documentation and other requirements

  • equipment inspections completion ( Accountability )

  • quarterly ESH audits by Location managers

  • ESH training follow up (safety talks and training plan follow up)

  • material handling inventory

  • drinking water report

  • mandatory external training ( every 3 years) : LO TO - crane and rigging - confined spaces - etc ( see Training Plan )

  • chemicals inventory

  • waste disposal manifests

Shop and warehouse Findings

Chemical management

  • all chemical containers properly stored and labeled ( according to their content ) : compatibility - secondary containment

  • Chemical storage in secondary containment (110% vol of the largest container)

  • Other

  • Add media

Compressed gases

  • Compressed gases : secured , tagged , no smoking sign - Empty and Full gas cylinders are stored separately

  • Gas cylinders secured with a chain - Gas cylinders caps on

  • Other

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Electrical safety

  • all electrical panels tagged ( Amp - Volt - equipment )

  • Lock out / Tag Out procedure implemented

  • area free of extension cords used as permanent wiring ( max 30 days)

  • GFCI outlets in damp or wet areas (like test pit)

  • Other

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  • employees understand evacuation procedures ( ask 2-3)

  • exit doors free access

  • spill kits and aid supplies available

  • Emergency evacuation plan posted

  • emergency showers and eyewashes inspected - located close to hazards < 30 m or 10 sec - free hands operation - unobstructed - sings available

  • Leaks and spills cleaned up promptly

  • Other

  • Add media

Fire protection

  • fire extinguishers available and inspected

  • hot Work permanent permit posted - procedure implemented

  • Oxygen and flammable gas cylinders are stored separately (at least 25ft and stored away from flammables and combustibles )

  • Flammable Storage Cabinets must be grounded

  • flammable materials stored in flammable cabinets

  • racking shelves in non combustible material and bolt

  • Other

  • Add media


  • all cords , hoses and debris placed away from walkways to prevent triping hazards

  • Other

  • Add media

Industrial safety

  • test pit fall protection in place and used

  • pipelines clearly labeled: name , color flow direction

  • other unsafe conditions or acts

  • Add media

Machine guarding

  • press guards and interlocks properly used

  • drill guards and interlocks properly used

  • grinder guarding : TongueGuard Must be kept within ¼” from wheel at all Tool Rest Must be kept within1/8” from wheel at all times

  • Other

  • Add media

Material handing

  • aisles clear and unbostructed

  • pallets stored properly and safely stacked

  • pallets stored properly and safely stacked

  • proper lifting techniques and accesories used

  • Battery charging area equipped with acid neutralizing and spill cleanup

  • Preventive Maintenance inspection performed and records available for forklift – hoists – cranes

  • Max. capacity labels ( including mezaninne)

  • racking protections at the base and bolt

  • portable ladder inspection

  • RIGGING accessories tagged and inspected , no homemade hardware – safety latches OK

  • Working area -Clear visible floor markings for traffic

  • Accesories removing criteria

  • Other

  • Add media


  • all required employees wearing safety glasses

  • all required employees wearing safety boots

  • other ppes needs advised , communicated and being used as required

  • Other

  • Add media


  • tools and equipment in its proper place and safely stored to prevent fall hazards

  • electric cords and connections in good repair

  • hand tools in good repair

  • Other

  • Add media

Waste management

  • hazardous and non hazardous waste containers : seggregation , labelled (identified and dated)

  • hazardous waste containers properly stored : protected for accidental spills - hazardous waste separated from non-hazardous waste - secondary containment if necessary

  • Other

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