Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Date of Inspection

  • Prepared by

  • Position

  • Client Name

  • Block Address

  • Total Number Of Assets

Inspection - The visual inspection of all parts of the structure and, where relevant to the behaviour or stability of the structure, adjacent earthworks or waterways that can be inspected without the need for special access or traffic management arrangements.

Details of Lighting Asset

  • Type of Lighting Assets

  • Please provide further details

  • Description of Lighting Asset Material

  • Please provide further details

  • Significant Change or Deterioration since last Inspection

  • Remarks

  • Please provide photos of Significant Change or Deterioration

  • Structural Condition Level based on 25 Year Design Life

  • Location of lighting Assets
  • Location of lighting Asset Selected by

  • Location of lighting Asset
  • Location of lighting Asset

  • Repair Required

  • Comments of repair required

  • Replacement Required

  • Comments on replacement parts required

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