• Line

  • Material:

  • Product Size and SDR

  • Product Type

  • Colour:

  • Coil / Length Number Inspected:

  • Auditor:

  • Conducted on:

  • Shift:

  • Team Leader:

  • Operator:

Extruder Set-Up

Extruder Checks

  • Is the image on the scanner within the specified wall thickness tolerance?

Production Paperwork

  • Is a Production Program available and been signed off and dated by Planning and Quality / Technical?

  • Has the following production information been completed?

  • Line Board Information

  • Extrusion Conditions Sheet

  • Conditioned Length Information

  • Has production paperwork been completed correctly and to the correct frequency?

Coiler Set-up

  • If required, has the Coiler been set to the correct caterpillar squeeze, torque and ID settings?

  • If required, has the Coiler Set Up Sheet been completed?

  • If required, has the metre marker been set to 1.000 - 1.010m?

Dimensional Checks

Wall Thickness (mm):

  • Wall Thickness (Specification):

  • Wall Thickness (Measured):

  • Is the wall thickness in tolerance? <br>

Outside Diameter (mm):

  • Outside Diameter (Specification):

  • Outside Diameter (Measured):

  • Is the Outside Diameter in tolerance?

Ovality (mm):

  • Ovality (Specification):

  • Ovality (Measured):

  • Is the Ovality in tolerance? <br>

Flat Spot (mm): Diameters 180mm to 355mm inclusive

  • Flat Spot (Specification):

  • Flat Spot (Measured):

  • Is the Flat Spot in tolerance? <br>

Length (m):

  • Length (Specification):

  • Length (Measured):

  • Is the Length in tolerance? <br>

Inspection Frequency

  • Is the inspection frequency correct for all measured items (including flat spot measurements, coiled ovality and metre marking checks)?

Temperature at Saw (or Coiler):

  • Temperature (Specification):

  • Temperature (Measured):

  • Is the Pipe temperature within the specified limits? <br>


Visual Inspection:

  • Check for the following:

  • Correct Operator Inspection frequency

  • Scratches / Gouges / Tool Marks

  • Contamination in Pipe bore

  • Pipe Colour

  • Foil Appearance

  • Core Pipe Appearance (Protectaline Only)

  • Surface Contamination

  • Splits / Pin Holes

  • Is the visual appearance of the pipe acceptable?

  • Does the pipe have the correct markings as per the program and are these clearly legible?

  • Is the correct colour hot foil (Medec) marking being used?

  • Does the pipe have the correct shift code?

  • Is the pipe correctly labelled with the length number using a permanent marker?

Packaging and Storage


  • Have the pipe ends been sealed with end caps or bags (when applicable)?<br>

  • Has the correct packaging been used (e.g. woods, strapping and security banding)?

  • Are the bundles (or coils) identified with the correct labels and tape?


  • Has finished product been stored correctly (e.g. Coils on matting)?

QC Requirements

Pipe Samples

  • Have the correct number of Pipe samples been submitted to the QC Laboratory?

  • Are these samples correctly labelled and the dimensions within specification?


  • Are Micrometers and Pi Tapes calibrated, with the owners name and coloured sticker clearly visible?

Reject Material

  • Is reject product clearly identified (with reject tape / Material ID tape) and cut back to the correct length?

Audit Review

Audit Non-Conformities Identified

    Non-Conformities Below
  • Description of Non-Conformity

  • Photograph of Non-conformity

  • Action Taken

  • Responsibility

  • Date Completed

Audit Review Signatures


  • Signature:

  • Date:

Team Leader:

  • Signature:

  • Date:

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